How to Heat the Conservatory?

How to Heat the Conservatory?

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The question of how to heat the conservatory includes answers that vary depending on what kind of garden you have and how you want to heat it. Whatever the answers, the conservatory is one of life’s great pleasures.

What is a Conservatory?

The garden is one of the natural environments that you will never give up in summer or spring, and you can get oxygen outdoors throughout the day. But unfortunately, when winter comes and gets cold, naturally life is trapped between the stone building and the four walls. However, thanks to new decorative trends, this is no longer a bad fate. This is due to the widespread use of the conservatory movement today. Old-fashioned balconies are now transformed into luxury spaces at home, while in some houses they become indoor winter gardens. This is how the conservatory is defined in how to heat the conservatory.

4 Seasons of Life in the Garden

The conservatory, which is made of thick, easy-to-open and high-quality glass material, does not leave the garden for four seasons even those who are involved in an ideal apartment life. Even all geometric shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles and triangles can be designed in the conservatory. In addition, these gardens are practical, very easy and clean.

In short, if you want to spend the winter in a natural garden environment with your loved ones and family, there is nothing more beautiful than a conservatory. In addition, the latest trend, winter gardens, are ins isolated and heated, resulting in significant savings.

In winter you can use fixed windows to design your garden, but in summer you can also design folding glass. Therefore, the openable gardens are designed seasonally. In this way, you can enjoy your winter garden for four seasons in the most comfortable way. You don’t have to worry about safety. Supported by unbreakable glass, the area is a mixture of glass and steel and riveted by a special locking system.

As you can imagine, the comfortable and quality time you can spend with a cup of tea or coffee after taking care of how to heat the conservatory of your home is unique.

Benefits of the Winter Garden

In addition, the life of a conservatory established with high quality and accurate installation is unlimited. After that, your only job is to protect your garden regularly. With a history of 15-20 years in Japan, these gardens are one-on-one designs for those who are tired of staying in closed rooms in summer and winter.

These unique and beautiful structures, which can also be designed in the form of glass roofs, have become even more popular with the recent introduction of solar control. According to the characteristics of the space, it is now possible to design a conservatory with a glass roof and a conservatory with an indoor roof.

The conservatory can be designed in white or neutral colors, creating a great glass environment in your home, half open and half closed. After solving the problem of how to heat the winter garden with sliding glass with insulated aluminum and folding system, turn your house into a fairy tale corner.

How to Create a Conservatory

First decide which part of your home (balconies, terraces …) you plan to build your winter garden. Talk to an expert on the subject before you start renovating where you decided. Winter garden models are very diverse and shaped. Therefore, determine your conservatory model according to the structure and location of your home. The model you specify should be compatible with your home and provide a natural look. The choice of materials used for the conservatory (wrought iron, mica, glass, nylon, steel, wood, etc.) It plays an important role in determining the model.

The building system used during the application ensures that the garden is more durable and robust. How to heat the conservatory is one of the answers you need to give after creating the structure.

Considerations When Making a Conservatory

  • The walls of the conservatory are made of glass, so make sure that the glass is foldable (openable and closed). Folding glass; protects plants from the cold in winter and cools them in the heat of summer.
  • Light is also very important in the conservatory. Your winter garden should be placed in a place with plenty of sunlight.
  • Winter garden plants with proper heating systems will last a long time and will develop ideally.
  • Furniture used in the garden should reflect the garden air and be durable. Its color should adapt to the atmosphere of the garden in which it is placed.
  • Add dynamism to the conservatory with cushions, accessories and sculptures to create a more livable garden environment.
  • If you want to sit at night and enjoy the garden, be sure to use the lighting. Lighting selection again. It should suit your garden style and not tire your eyes. How to heat the conservatory is also one of the considerations.

Winter Garden Plant Selection

The plants you will choose for your winter garden are the most distinctive elements of your garden design. Flowering plants such as leafy indoor plants, Orchids, azaleas and violets such as Kentia, Areca, Spaty, Anthorium, Calatheas, Yucca and Draceana; Fruity plants such as kamkat, lemon change the environment in a positive way.

Always take into account environmental temperatures and sunbathing points when choosing plants. Plants, which depend on temperature and sunbathing conditions, show longevity and healthy growth.

Pots of plants of your choice should not be different. Because different color mixtures tire your eyes. Reduces the effect that the garden wants to leave. Pots of the same color and shape, large and small, animate the environment, beautify the environment, balance and blend with the surrounding objects. When thinking about how to heat the conservatory, you should know that the choice of plants should be compatible with heat.

How to Heat the Conservatory?

You can enjoy these areas in all seasons by heating the winter gardens and balconies of your home. Heating indoor balconies and conservatory gardens on cold winter days also helps with the general insulation of the house. Insulation factor is very important in the shortage of how to heat the conservatory.

The most common systems used as outdoor heaters are heat umbrellas or mushroom stoves. In these heaters, the gas from the pipe is burned by the perforated reflector and emits heat. However, these systems are used in areas with air circulation, such as gardens, instead of narrow areas with closed edges or more.

Especially the solutions such as tube radiation, natural gas, LPG mushroom stove, infrared heaters on the head, which are used outdoors of commercial areas, can be applied in different ways to winter gardens with narrow areas and closed roofs. In addition to these heating systems, underfloor heating, which has become popular in recent years, can also be used to increase the comfort of winter gardens during the colder months. This is how the problem of winter garden heating can be answered.

Ground Heating System in Winter Garden Application

Another proposed solution for heating outdoors, gardens, indoor balconies or conservatory gardens is underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is slightly more expensive than other traditional heating, but it creates the longest and most comfortable solution.

Carbon film underfloor heating systems are systems that can be applied under hardwood floors and carpets in homes. The system operates at the appropriate temperature with a controlled thermostat under parquet floor. Depending on the insulation conditions, this system can be placed rarely or intensively in the area to ensure an even heat dissipation, both horizontally and vertically. the problem of how to heat the conservatory can also be solved with this alternative.

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