How to Install Ground Heating Systems?

How to Install Ground Heating Systems?

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One of the heating methods that has increased in use day by day in recent years and attracted the attention of many people is underfloor heating systems. The fact that it is quite profitable compared to other heating methods and performs much better allows people to turn to underfloor heating systems. When it comes to underfloor heating, many people think about how to do it. So we have researched the questions that are curious for you to answer all the questions that you have in mind in this content.

What structures are ground heating systems applied to?

Let’s start by answering what kind of structures the underfloor heating systems are applied to and whether they are compatible with the area you want to apply. Underfloor heating systems are among the heating methods that are suitable for applying to almost any structure and become quite efficient when installed. However, there is a very fine point to be considered here. So much so that underfloor heating systems are collected under 3 different headings. The first is the method of heating, known as wired, with electricity. Another form of heating from the ground comes across as a method with cardboard foil. The last method is underfloor heating with water pipes that everyone knows. For small structures, it is usually preferred to heat in carbon foil and with electricity. As a matter of fact, the installations of these methods are more profitable for the campuses that are low on a square meter basis. The method of heating with water pipes is preferred for medium and large-scale campuses.

Where to Choose Heating Systems Method?

It is very useful to get help from a team of specialists before choosing the underfloor heating method that you want to install in your home or workplace. As a matter of fact, this expert team will analyze the underfloor heating method for you in detail to best adapt to the campus you have. On the other hand, there are some methods for choosing which underfloor heating method you can choose without calling the expert team. Carbon foil and electric heating methods will be ideal for you if you want to apply underfloor heating system to a very narrow and small campus on a square meter basis. If you want to prefer this method in larger and large campuses on a square meter basis, water pipes and heating will be ideal for you.

Discovery of the Application Area

After deciding which system you prefer, the discovery of the area to be applied comes. As a matter of fact, the material used on the ground to be applied will be a decisive factor in which system to be installed. If underfloor heating systems are to be preferred in campuses that are not well insulated and no insulation materials have been used while under construction, it is recommended to make various insulations in order to get the best performance from the system. On the other hand, materials such as concrete, tiles, screeds and parquet on the floor are among the other points of attention for the installation of the system.

Deciding for What Purpose to Use the Application

Underfloor heating systems Another point to consider when setting up is to decide whether to use the application for comfort purposes or as a basic heating method. If you want to use it for comfort purposes and only heat a certain area, you do not need to resort to methods that produce high energy for this. On the other hand, if the system is to be preferred as a basic source of heating, then it is necessary to apply under concrete. As a matter of fact, underfloor heating methods installed under parquet will damage the parquet after a certain period of time, so it cannot reach very high temperatures. Therefore, it is only kept at low temperatures and used to provide comfort in a particular region. The preferred methods under concrete are the main source of heating and are more profitable in the long term.

What are the Ways to Follow for Assembly?

Installation of underfloor heating systems takes place in three different ways. The first is the assemblies to be installed by the authorized service, the second is the assembly to be made by the electrician, and the other is the assemblies that the individuals will install themselves.

If You’re Going to Set Up

If you want to install your underfloor heating system yourself, there are a few things to consider. The first is the system you will buy. You will buy a carbon heated system, you can easily install it under parquet. In this regard, Heatmax also provides you with a user manual for the systems it will take together. In this way, you can easily learn all the steps you need to follow. Under-parquet carbon heating systems are methods that you can easily apply to one or more rooms.

If The Electrician Will Install

If you want to get a specialist electrician to build the system you’re going to get, not you, then here are the steps you need to follow. After purchasing the system, give your electrician the user manual that Heatmax will give you. Then ask him to place the connection of the thermostat and carbon heating system in any room.

If The Application Company Will Do the Installation

The easiest and most effortless easy method is the company where you supply the underfloor heating system. Since these companies have an expert team in their fields and the necessary technical knowledge, they carry out the whole process for you. On the other hand, they have all the technical skills necessary for the application to proceed in a healthy way. Thus, the installation of underfloor heating systems is carried out quickly and they provide you with turnkey service. At the same time, companies that sell underfloor heating systems can apply a certain discount to you if you receive assembly service. Since Heating is a pioneer in the sector and includes all the necessary technical team, it can perform underfloor heating systems for you quickly, at affordable prices.

Advantages of Ground Heating Systems

Underfloor heating systems, which bring many usage advantages, are more profitable in almost every respect than the classic honeycomb method. Some of the advantages of underfloor heating systems are as follows.

Depending on 1-square meter, it is usually 15% to 30% more economical. This is because it offers you almost all of the energy it produces indifferently. As it is known, classical honeycombs can experience records about energy transmission because they are located by the glass or behind the furniture. In underfloor heating systems, such a problem is not observed.

2-Another advantage it provides is that all the floors of the house are warmer than the honeycomb systems. As you know, honeycombs are not enough to heat the floors. In underfloor heating systems, you do not encounter such problems. At the same time, the problem of wearing slippers on winter days disappears.

3-It produces almost no dust according to blowing heating methods. Therefore, it is perfect for people who have asthma problems. It also eliminates the problem of dust inhalation, which poses a health hazard to families with children.

4-Since it does not take up any space in the house, it saves you from the space. In this way, you can place your furniture more freely and get rid of the loss of space created by them.

5-In apartments that use honeycombs, radiators, they should be maintained once a year, while the maintenance of underfloor heating systems is almost never in various systems.

6-It is safer than heating methods with natural gas and other fossil fuels.

7-Finally, the cleaning load is greatly reduced because it does not do business like honeycomb.

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