How to Operate a Bath? Documents Required to Open a Bath

How to Operate a Bath? Documents Required to Open a Bath

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Baths are among the buildings that are becoming very popular in the world. Traditional baths in Turkey and Morocco are commonly known as Turkish baths. These traditional buildings, which have formed a cultural foundation in these countries for centuries, are among the places that tourists visit to clean, detox and relax after a long day exploring the city. In this respect, opening a bathhouse is one of the new business ideas among the locals. Many people think that it takes quite high costs to open a bathhouse, this is a business unique to luxury hotels. However, nearly all of the traditional Turkish baths are not in luxury hotels, but between neighborhoods. What is important here is the quality of its interior design and operation, rather than where the bath is located. Opening a bath is not an astronomical or imaginative business idea in this respect. However, operating a bathhouse can be more difficult in some areas than in other lines of business. In this article, you can find many useful information and recommendations on opening a bath, operating a bathhouse and the difficulties that may be encountered in this area.

Traditional Turkish Baths

Traditional baths have three rooms: a warm room to steam, a warm room to rub and a colder room to relax in. Not all baths have this precise layout, but above all they there is a hot marble steam room with raised circular platforms. Steam rooms also have small basins around the room.
Bath heating
is provided by the circulation of hot water and moisture in the steam room. In some baths, guests are cleaned in a public place rather than in a separate room. Most also offer additional services such as hammams, massages and candles, but these (for Western tourists) will not look as luxurious as hot springs in the Western world. In the basic sense, the indispensable structure in a traditional Turkish bath is a bathroom open for general use. There are crowns around here. There are even small baths consisting only of this structure. This room is critical for bath heating because having a constantly hot and steamy place is a primary goal for bath management.

Turkish Bath Use

The aforementioned services are expense items that operators who want to open a bathhouse will decide from the beginning. Some large baths are divided by gender: for females and men there are separate sides. In smaller-scale baths, men and women use the building on different days or hours, thus ensuring decomposition. However, male and female visitors never meet each other. Muslim men used baths frequently in history for ablution (prayer ablution and gusul abdesti), which is among the conditions of prayer in Islam. Therefore, during the Ottoman Empire, traditional Turkish baths emerged and became widespread as a place for men to clean themselves before prayers or other worship. Therefore, some bathhouses were connected to mosques. Muslim women used bathhouses as a place to socialize. Baths eventually became a social and cultural institution rather than a religious tradition. Today, people who want to open a bathhouse should decide from the beginning how “traditional” the bath they will open will be. Interior design and services will be shaped accordingly.

Bath Interior Design

The baths have domed ceilings, magnificent columns and a marble interior. Traditional Turkish baths are similar in some respects to ancient Roman baths. As a matter of fact, there were many baths in Istanbul under the rule of Pre-Ottoman Eastern Rome. In this respect, Istanbul baths have reached the present day with a certain historical continuity. Bathroom facilities have survived for centuries and have been moved to the present day. However, due to their popularity in the Ottoman Empire, these structures are often called “traditional Turkish baths” all over the world. The candidates who want to open a bathhouse should first of all know this historical heritage of the baths. Next, it should be aware that not all baths are built the same or have the same facilities, and create the business plan accordingly. In other words, a newly opened traditional Turkish bath will of course be different from the buildings of Eastern Rome or the Ottoman period in terms of both
bath heating systems
and interior design. However, in terms of interior design, these historical buildings can be modeled. Opening a traditional bathhouse may seem challenging in this respect, but it is not impossible when the right strategy is developed.


Hamam Heating Systems

Hamam Heating Systems

Bath Services

Operator candidates who want to open a hammam should have prior knowledge about the services provided in the bath. When the guest first enters the hammam, he tells the person working at the reception what services he wants. It can only pay for entry or pay extra by stating that it wants to be cleaned by an attendant. It can also indicate its preference for additional services such as an oil massage. In some baths in Istanbul, all women are given a free pair of black underwear. Extra services like this can vary in different baths. Depending on the services requested by the guest, a ticket or invoice is usually issued to carry with them. The guest is first directed to the locker room. Here are lockers for everyone’s personal use. Each guest can use these lockers in person and place their personal belongings here. After undressing, guests enter the bathroom area with a towel. Some baths allow guests to relax in a warm room to adjust to the temperature. However, if there is no shortage of bath heating, guests can also enter the bathroom area directly. You’ll rest. Thus, the guest enters the warm room, where he will lean directly on the marble platform and sweat.

Bathing Process for Guests

If the guest paid extra for cleaning, an attendant cleans it from top to bottom with soap and water and then directs it to a small basin. Here, rinsing with warm water is carried out. As mentioned, not all baths are the same. In some, washing and rinsing places may be in different parts. Again, in some baths, after bathing with hot water, guests are directed to a warmer place, for example, a pool. If the bath heating targets are fully met, guests can actively spend time in all rooms. For this purpose, continuous hot water and steam circulation should be provided and bath insulation procedures should be performed. Apart from bathing, massage services are also provided in the hammams. If the guest orders a massage, he or she moves to a separate room after bathing. But this massage is usually different from the types of massages such as spas and is done with more traditional techniques. However, modern massage techniques are also applied in some baths.

Documents Required to Open a Bath

Most bath businesses in Turkey accept euros for payment. In most Turkish baths, about 25 euros (about US$33) is paid for a basic bath and around 30 or 35 euros for the cleaning of a participant. The cost of an oil massage ranges from 10 to 15 euros. The operator candidate who wants to open a hammam should predetermine it if he intends to provide massage service and decide what kind of massage service to provide. If he wants to open a fully traditional Turkish bath, massage can also be done by tellaks in the public steam room by traditional methods. In order to open a bath, a suitable building must be kept first. Other costs will then consist of interior design, bath heating system, bath insulation, mandatory taxes and employee payments.

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