Importance of Underfloor Heating System in Greenhouses

Importance of Underfloor Heating System in Greenhouses

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Greenhouses are closed and light-filled environments where the desired conditions for plants are created. When it comes to plant cultivation, it is necessary to have heating systems for greenhouses . It is necessary to meet the needs of the plant to be grown in the greenhouse in every sense. Since the greenhouses are closed and there is a constant air flow, they should be warm. In the greenhouse used for plant cultivation , the root care and root development of the plants must be taken into account. With underfloor heating systems, it becomes possible to maintain the ideal temperature in the greenhouse. It is extremely important to use underfloor heating systems to keep the soil warm and for the necessary reactions to take place and nutrition for the plants.

Use of Underfloor Heating System in Greenhouses

A greenhouse facility is established to meet the needs of the plant to be grown in the greenhouse. In this way, plants can thrive in their natural environment. Heating systems for greenhouses are used to meet all the requirements for the greenhouse. In order to achieve the desired result in the best way, a correct and effective heating system is applied. In greenhouses built with underfloor heating system, the development and productivity of plants are closer to their natural conditions. For this reason, the most effective service is provided to greenhouse enterprises, which are of great importance in the field of plant cultivation , thanks to underfloor heating systems. Since the light, temperature and nutritional demands of various plants differ, care is taken to make the heating system of the greenhouses in the best way and in accordance with the necessary dimensions.

Underfloor Heating in Greenhouses

Heating systems can be used to create the conditions needed by the plants in both the winter garden and all greenhouse types where plant cultivation is carried out. When using heating systems for greenhouses, underfloor heating system is preferred to prevent freezing events in the soil. In addition, the soil at the desired temperature will contribute greatly to the root development of the plant. The soil temperature is kept at the desired level with underfloor heating systems within the plant root development.

Underfloor Heating System Installation

The development of plants can be kept at an ideal level by making the floor heating system, which is preferred in plant growing environments and greenhouses, effectively and correctly. Depending on the function of the greenhouse and the needs of the plants, the heating system is installed by laying hot water pipes from the ground or laying the electrical system. A very successful operation is made by laying the system correctly and professionally.

To get information about underfloor heating systems in greenhouses and to find out the prices of these systems, you can check our Underground Heating Systems in Greenhouses .

  1. Dear Sir

    Could you please send me some project references for greenhouses fitted with underfloor heating systems. I am busy planning a project whereby I’m considering installing underfloor heating systems in the concrete to heat up the air space to grow cannabis for export.

  2. Thank you for contacting us.

    Isıtmax; It has combined 2 disciplines that it has been producing for greenhouses since 1995 and continues to work successfully in many projects. Snow-ice melting systems in large areas (ramps, parking lots, tunnels, etc. under concrete heating) and undersoil root heating system in greenhouses (heating system for earliness, productivity increase and less pesticide use in the greenhouse sector by heating the plant from the root). Our experience in these two disciplines has enabled us to produce unique products and solutions for greenhouse applications under concrete.

    Heating cables that are not affected by water, humidity and chemicals
    High strength armored heating cables that are not affected by vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the surface
    Projecting, engineering, installation and maintenance capability suitable for large area heating
    Experience in managing control/automation infrastructure and technology in stadiums with high electrical power and no room for error.

    Our products work in greenhouses belonging to municipalities in Turkey. As a private greenhouse, 49 acres of melon greenhouses in Antalya were heated underground. Supplementation with solar energy is being investigated in the near future.

    You can send your project to so that we can assist you.


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