Indoor underfloor heating systems

Indoor underfloor heating systems

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Small living spaces have always been a problem. Underfloor heating systems have often found application on building floors, as they do not take up space like a heater and do not require maintenance. Indoor underfloor heating systems that can allow equal heating of every point of the buildings; It eliminates the possibility of getting cold in closed areas. Since it heats the floor, it ensures homogeneous distribution of heat and eliminates the cold zone in the building floor. Whether you have a winter garden, a sports area of your building or a part of your house, underfloor heating systems can be applied during the construction phase or renovation phase without hindering the installation.

How to install indoor underfloor heating systems?

After the discovery and determination stages of the building where the system will be applied, the process of laying the indoor floor heating systems begins with the selection of the appropriate material. It is ready to be operated by covering the floor of the building with the help of electrical cables and mattresses, integrating the sensors and thermostat and including the control panel. The installation of the underfloor heating system may vary in terms of the process depending on the floor width to be applied.

Can I install the indoor underfloor heating system myself?

Although the installation of indoor underfloor heating systems is very simple and practical, you can do it by applying the user manual scheme that comes out of the box yourself or by getting professional help from the ISITMAX team. What are the advantages of installing indoor underfloor heating systems? • Heating cores do not take up space in the building like a stove or air conditioner. • Problems such as soot staining on furniture and curtains do not occur in underfloor heating systems. • By laying the system under the ground surface, it is ensured that there is warmth in every part of the building. • Unlike its alternatives, it does not require maintenance for a long time after installation. • Negative situations such as fire, electric shock do not occur due to the fact that it is included in the protective fuse and grounding system. • Since the operating principle of the system is with thermostat and heat sensor, when it reaches the required temperature, it automatically switches off, so electricity consumption is very low. • In terms of application area, it can be applied to every floor in the building, from rooms to bathrooms. • Thanks to the heatingx quality, routine maintenance does not require external repair for many years.

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