Is Stadium Electric Underfloor Heating Guaranteed?

One of the most common places where electric floor heating systems are used is the stadiums used in competitions where the winter months are quite harsh. Considering that UEFA has tried to put into practice in recent years and has done a lot of work in this area, we can say that electric underfloor heating systems have now become indispensable for stadiums.

The biggest benefit of electric floor heating for stadiums is that it prevents melting snow and thawing ice sheets on the football field from causing frost and ice on the track area.

Electric underfloor heating systems, which have become quite common in stadiums in our country, are currently used in many stadiums such as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium and Kasımpaşa Stadium.

What Should Be Considered When Using Electric Underfloor Heating in the Stadium?

One of the most important issues to be considered when using electric underfloor heating in football fields is the automation panel, which is the control part. The automation panel should be installed in a suitable area that will not cause loss of life and property in the stadium in case of emergency, and will not waste time for intervention. It should be located in a closed and sheltered compartment that is closed to the access of all people other than authorized persons, and that will not harm the safety of life and the system in case of possible floods and similar situations.

The warranty of the stadium electric underfloor heating systems, which are installed together with the smart lawn heater systems , is meticulously carried out by the system installers. The benefits it provides to natural grass are to provide growth and renewal together with stadium heating. Considering these benefits, the heating system is a very necessary factor for the grass to be suitable for competitions.

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