Heated Metal Mat / Ground Heating Platform

Heated Metal Mat / Ground Heating Platform

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  • Galvanized steel surface for durability and mechanical resistance
  • Optimized power consumption with restricted heating technology
  • Intelligent, versatile and practical underfloor heating platform for industrial workstations
  • Built-in insulation for equal heat dissipation and direct underfloor heating
  • Available in three sizes: 90X60 cm, 180X60 cm and 180X120 cm

With the heating platform, you can create heated areas in industrial areas. It is especially designed for those who work in cold environments. It has a durable structure suitable for use in the industrial environment for many years. Heater unit developed for homogeneous heat dissipation; provides a healthy and comfortable environment for your standing employees in a cold environment. You can choose our heating mats that increase productivity, offer a comfortable working environment and have health benefits.

Most often you may need to heat only a certain area, rather than heating the entire area. At this point, our heated metal mat, which provides ease of use with plug and play design, performs value-added heating.

General features

  • The galvanized steel surface prevents scraping or sawhaving by tools, as well as superior mechanical resistance.
  • Technical insulation seal with high heat resistance and fireproofing certificate is used on the base sheet. In this way, the transmission of the temperature to the floor is prevented and the product reaches the target temperatures faster.
  • Product surface temperature max depending on ambient runs. It is designed to be 40C. The first takeoff temperature is set high. In this way, the temperature will be felt in a few minutes and then the system will continue to operate at stable operating temperatures when the target temperature is reached. When you plug in the product, the avg. It will reach the ideal temperature in 5 minutes.
  • You can buy it in three different sizes. 90X60 cm, 180X60 cm and 180X120 cm
  • The bottom insulation and anti-slip base guarantee safe operation even in high-risk areas prone to spills, falls or slips. This workstation also provides portability as you can carry the foot warmer all over the facility. Compatible design and high-quality materials also ensure the safety of your employees. It produces zero toxic fumes, there is no dust circulation and there is no risk of electric shock.
  • The product is guaranteed for standard two years from the date of invoice. Limited to replacements and repairs at the manufacturer’s discretion.

Technicial Specifications

  • Galvanized steel top, interior insulation and non-slip base
  • Twin flat heating tapes attached to acrylic labeled saca
  • Plug and play design
  • Surface temperature ranging from 30-40°C
  • 6 m plug-in connection cable
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Complies with CE standards
  • Power consumption: 216 W, 462 W and 864 W depending on size
  • Maximum load capacity up to 200 kg/m2
  • Configurable with other automatic controllers
  • Temperature regulation with optional thermostat installation

Heating Platform Usage Areas

  • Warehouses
  • Production floors
  • Laboratories
  • Workshops
  • Security rooms
  • Cabinets or countertops
  • Markets
  • Auto garages
  • Basements
  • Payment counters
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    Heated Metal Mat / Ground Heating Platform
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