1995 yılından günümüze, gururla...


Heatingx was established in Istanbul in 1995 to produce heating cables and underfloor heating mats on electric underfloor heating systems. ISITMAX has accomplished many value-added projects in 7 countries, with the development of commercial heating applications for snow and ice melting, the introduction of comfortable underfloor heating projects into our living spaces, and the Heat Trace Turkey studies needed in industrial areas. Heatingx;

  • Underfloor heating systems for comfort and security for home, residence and villa owners
  • Easily controlled, trouble-free, economical in commercial buildings; in underfloor heating and snow ice melting projects
  • In heat trace applications in accordance with technical specifications for industrial establishments
  • Boxed heating products for the end consumer in all categories with online shopping
  • Wholesale heating cable and material supply for dealers and professionals

about us

  1. 1

    In the electric underfloor heating and air conditioning sector in which we operate as a manufacturer; To be the most reliable brand of our country in our products for life safety, building safety, comfort and efficiency. To compete with our global competitors in our close geography by using technology, following innovations and increasing our quality standards.

  2. 2

    Before all our target audiences; to provide competitive prices, to produce trouble-free systems, to offer a wide guarantee / service network and to provide reliable service.

  3. 3
    Our references

    We have extensive experience in our nearby geography, especially in our country. Thanks to our corporate memory, professional awareness and commercial ethics and all our valuable customers who prefer us, we continue to pray every day to grow, produce and return the money we receive.

    You can review all our references

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    Kalite Belgelerimiz

    Certification page is being updated

  5. 5
    Yerli İmalat

    . It is the first and only institution in Turkey that incorporates projecting-manufacturing-application-commitment processes in accordance with every heat group, size, usage area and technical specification with 100% domestic capital.

  6. 6
    Hızlı Tedarik

    With our stocked production and distribution / application network, your orders are usually shipped the next day.

  7. 7
    Test Edilmiş ve Güvenli

    Our product designs have been tested by relevant test organizations. It is CE certified. Before each device reaches the customer, it is tested during the production – stock – shipment stages and it is guaranteed to be delivered without any problems.

  8. 8
    Özel Ölçü ve İmalat

    Special size orders for all product groups are prepared at no extra cost. Since there is no stocked product, it is delivered within 3-7 days depending on the order quantity / size.

  9. 9

    You can be sure that we will offer the most accurate solutions for all your projects such as Mass Housing / Villa projects, Public Institutions, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Organizations, etc. with the Heatingx Institutionalism and Engineering formation.

From past to present

Kendinden reguleli ısıtma kabloları imalatına başladı

Heat trace cables with the technology to regulate their own temperature


Balıkesir Edremit imalathanesi açıldı

Flexible heating systems and industrial heating group manufacturing

10Nisan2020 online satış sitesi kuruldu

A sales site was established to serve end users with e-commerce.


Çift iletkenli yerden ısıtma kablosunun imalatına geçildi

Heating cables fed from a single point and advanced technology resistance cables in electric underfloor heating systems


Paralel Sabit Güç Kablosu İmalatı

SMax Series High temperature resistant, cuttable, pipe heating cable


Perpa Ticaret Merkezi Ofisi Açıldı

As a communication office, our communication and sales office was established in Perpa Trade Center

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