ISITMAX Snow Ice Melting Mattresses

Snow Melting Systems on Roofs

Ice and Snow melting mattresses are a pre-designed solution for outdoor snow and ice melting applications without the need for a qualified and experienced technician. Ice and Snow melting mattresses , driveways, sidewalks, driveways, ramps, etc. They are used under concrete or asphalt to melt snow or ice in winter.

One of the biggest benefits of Snow and Ice melting systems is that the roads around the building are automatically kept safe day and night. When the snow and ice melting system is controlled by a thermostat, the system operates fully automatically by evaluating the data on the wetness and atmosphere sensors. The roof wetness sensor is placed inside the gutter. Atmosphere sensor is placed under the eaves or gutter. Therefore, the system monitors the formation of snow and ice, and the energy supply is automatically stopped after melting of the eaves and gutters. This ensures minimum energy consumption.

Winter winds collect snow on your roof. The hot air coming from inside the building starts to melt the snow from under the snow, and the sun’s rays from the top. Melting snow is directed towards the eaves and freezes again due to day-night temperature differences, leading to the formation of ice barriers. The snow water that continues to melt accumulates behind these barriers. Accumulated waters leak through the roof and damage the inside of the building and cause the formation of stalactites by overcoming the barrier. Heating cables, which can be laid on all kinds of roofing materials, are used to prevent ice barrier formation on the eaves.

You can check our Residential Snow and Ice Melting Systems to get information about snow and ice melting systems and to find out prices.

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