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Just like our bathrooms, kitchens are one of the places we use the most and give importance to our comfort. In new construction projects or renovation processes, having underfloor heating in the areas you use heavily in the kitchen will create a unique feeling of comfort. We have 3 different products for electric underfloor heating on the kitchen floor.

  1. HomeMax Series Kitchen Underfloor Heating with Cable: Heatingx T2Max is a heating system consisting of cutting the underfloor heating cable in accordance with the selected heating area and making the necessary connections in accordance with the installation. A cable system is recommended instead of a mattress in kitchen island, designs with more indentations and architectures with rounded lines. In this system, the floor plan is respectively: Concrete floor, heat insulation, heating cable, screed/kalekim, suitable for all flooring materials.
  2. HomeMax Series Kitchen Underfloor Heating Mat System: It is a floor heating mat consisting of T2Max underfloor heating cables, which are fabricated on strong industrial tapes at certain intervals in order to facilitate installation. Industry Leader, with its strong and flexible structure, has been developed for effective heating under concrete. The Heating Mat is easily laid on the floor as it comes out of the box. There is no need for floor mounting. It is cut and placed on the floor in accordance with the installation booklet. With the help of strong mounting tapes included in the package, the mattresses can be fixed to the ground so that they do not slip before screed. In this system, the floor plan is respectively: Concrete floor, heat insulation, heating mat, screed/kalekim, suitable for all flooring materials.
  3. HomeMax Series Carbon Heating Film: It is an ultra-thin (1mm) heating system developed for heating under wooden and laminated parquet floors. Carbon heaters consist of laminating carbon particles together with copper strips between two PVC films. It performs effective heating under laminate flooring. They are produced as standard in 100cm, 80cm and 50cm widths. With the difference of Isıx, the product is sent ready for installation. With product reinforcements and insulation reinforcements, Heatingx performs safety and longevity upgrades well above the market before ordering. In this system, the floor plan is respectively: Existing floor, heat insulation, carbon heater, laminate flooring / wooden flooring / vinyl

The system is automatically controlled by the Hi-Max series digital surface-mounted thermostat and a standard 3 meter floor sensor that comes with the thermostat.

  • Double-conductor T2Max Heating Cable provides ease of connection from a single point (cable system)

  • Power output for effective heating on the kitchen floor: 160W/m2 (carbon film is 200Watt/m2)

  • Quick Installation: Simply unfold the mat and fix it to the floor (Mat System)

  • Flexible Installation: Heating cables can be laid on the floor according to the desired scenario. ( wired system )

  • 100% earth shield with copper braid with aluminum winding to ensure electrical safety ( All Products )

  • It is suitable for all floor coverings. (Carbon film is only applied under laminate, parquet, vinyl)

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    Catalogue, Brochure and Warranty

    T2Max Heating Cable Technical Document

    EasyMat Heating Mattress Technical Document

    FilmMax Carbon Heater Film Technical Document

    HomeMax Installation Guide

    FilmMax Installation Guide

    Warranty Certificate

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    Consumption Values

    You can control your bathroom underfloor heating product via thermostat to create comfortable floors or to heat your bathroom alone. Below you max. consumption values are given as an example. The values given will decrease according to the season, geographical conditions, insulation values and your usage habits.
    Comfort Heating
    2 m2 heating area ( 180Watt/m2 ) 0.3kw heat power
    Thermostat setting: open 24 hours / floor temperature 22C
    The time the system is active is average per day. It will be 4 hours.
    Consumption: 4 hours x 0.3kw x 0.7 kuruş
    0.8 TL / day
    Heating Alone
    2 m2 heating area ( 180Watt/m2 ) 0.3kw heat power
    Thermostat setting: open 24 hours / floor temperature 28C
    The time the system is active is average per day. It will be 7 hours.
    Consumption: 7 hours x 0.3kw x 0.7 kurus
    1.4 TL / day

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    Box contents

    Suitable for order heating mattress or heating cable (with cold end connections)

    Digital thermostat unit and sensor set

    suitable for orderTermostat buat and sensor pipeThe

    appropriate floor mounting apparatus and clip-on


    certificate (Invoice Sees The Same Function )

    Electrical Tester

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    heat insulation; It allows the heating system to heat faster and consume less. You can obtain traditional foam thermal insulation from construction stores or, if you wish, you can take your heating system and comfort further with our technical felts. Our under-screed technical insulation felt is the best for your kitchen.

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    Promax Application Service

    It is a ready-to-install product. We cannot provide Promax service.

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    Product Image and Video

    Product image, installation video will be here very soon.

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