KS-TSM-C Heating Cable

KS-TSM-C Heating Cable

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Technicial Specifications

Heat dissipation power:

up to 400 W/m

Maximum operating temperature:


Minimum installation temperature:


Nominal Size:


Minimum bending radius:

7.5 min

Rated voltage:

up to 660V

Degree of protection:


Temperature class:


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Heating cable with single-wire heating core, mineral insulation, copper sheath, supply voltage up to 660 V, linear power from 5 to 400 W / m, used in lengths from 1 to 2000 m


  • complete non-combustibility of the heating cable;
  • High mechanical strength, crush resistance;
  • High corrosion resistance, resistance to oils, sea water, oil, aggressive environment;
  • high reliability during operation;
  • High long-term permissible temperature (up to 600 ° C, depending on the shell material);
  • Ability to produce flexible “plumbing wires” of any length according to the customer’s request.


It is intended for operation in pipelines, tanks, process equipment and in hazardous areas of class 1 (including an area where there is a possibility of explosive gas mixture under normal operating conditions) and as part of heating devices and appliances for heating of other spatial objects and for various purposes 50-60 At an operating voltage of up to 660 V AC at a frequency of Hz (By special order, sections for another operating voltage can be produced.)

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