Ladder Heating Frost Prevention Mattress

Ladder Heating Frost Prevention Mattress

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The outdoor environment is used for heating on stair steps and in the entrance areas of the building. ProMax, prepared in the form of mattresses, provides ease of installation in flat stair areas. 325Watt/m2 heat power is used as standard.

About the Product : For detailed information about our stair heating frost prevention product , please see our address. This page contains the information you will need before purchasing.

Note: Our product introduced on this page includes heating mattresses developed for effective heating under surface coatings such as marble /granite /ceramic etc. prepared in certain sizes and lengths in the form of mattresses in terms of ease of installation. The mattress form makes installation simple. If you want to assemble not in the form of mattresses, but by fixing the cables to the stair steps, you can examine our Sub-Concrete Underfloor Heating Cable product.

Heating Area Selection: Before installing a heating system, you must determine your heating area. The system will select the mattress size you need from the database according to the selected heating area. The easiest method is to choose a heating eni for your stair steps. You can choose a 200cm heating mattress for a width of 200cm, or you can set a clean and safe heating area in heavy snowfall by making only 50cm wide heating, not the whole step, to ensure pedestrian traffic. As a mattress length, you can measure the length with strip meters from top to bottom (you can extend the mattress to the entrance and/or sidewalk side of the building if you wish). If you wish, you can get support on our phone 0850 888 8110 or on our Stair underfloor heating mattress installation manual.

Heat Power: We produce 300, 325, 350Watt / m2 powers as standard. These heat powers meet all heat power and technical specifications under the conditions of our country. We can optionally manufacture up to 500Watt / m2 power for special requirements such as heat powers, which are deemed appropriate in the technical specifications, in some parts of the Nordic countries (Russia etc.) or Eastern provinces. What heat power to choose; The thickness of the concrete thrown may vary according to geographical conditions and technical specifications. From an engineering point of view, the architectural project, local weather forecasts and floor plans are sufficient criteria to make a more accurate choice. In this direction, you can get support from ISITMAX when choosing HEAT POWER in line with the application experience we have gained from hundreds of projects in many countries, especially in our country, our weather forecasting applications and technical specifications since 1995.

Generally for heaters located 5-10cm from the surface;

You can base Istanbul, 300Watt/m2, Ankara, 325Watt/m2, Erzurum 350Watt/m2.

Temperature Control: Your underfloor heating system should be controlled by thermostat and sensor. At this point, different control units come to the fore.

  1. Ekoline Series Control Panel : It is surface mounted. It comes with a rail type digital thermostat and temperature sensor. It is shipped ready for installation with fuses and contactors of appropriate amperage according to the installed powers. The system works when the air temperature drops below +2C, and turns off when it rises above +3C. This setting is standard by default. It can be changed easily.
  2. Proline Series Control Panel : Even if the weather is below zero degrees, there may be no icing. In this case, the heaters will work in vain. To prevent this, an extra humidity sensor is added to the temperature sensor. It is surface mounted. The rail type digital thermostat comes with a temperature sensor and an external humidity sensor. It is shipped ready for installation with fuses and contactors of appropriate amperage according to the installed powers. When the air temperature drops below +2C and the humidity sensor detects precipitation, the system starts up, and when the temperature or humidity sensor presents appropriate values together, the system shuts down. This setting is standard by default. It can be changed easily.
  3. Maxline Series Control Panel : It has the same features as Proline series control panel. The temperature regulator and sensors used in the panel are EBERLE brand. Eberle comes as a set with temperature regulator , temperature sensor , humidity sensor, floor temperature sensor .

Connection Junction: One junction box must be used for every 15m2 heating area. Considering your total heating area, you can order the required amount of junction boxes.

Installation: Our under-concrete heating systems and the selections are sent ready for installation. If you see fit, you can add our in-Istanbul assembly service to your order. For out-of-town applications, it may be necessary to contact our dealers and obtain exploration and assembly information.


We offer 3 guarantees for our outdoor under-concrete underfloor heating product.

  1. 20 Years SAFEMAX Warranty: Our Under-Concrete Heating Cables (TmaxPro) for Snow and Ice Prevention are produced with the engineering and raw material infrastructure required for at least 30 years of operation under concrete in an airless and still environment. Therefore, after installation, your flooring will continue to do its job until you change it. In case of a manufacturing defect, product replacement (construction works belong to you) or refund (up to the invoice amount) is contractually determined in line with our SafeMax Warranty procedure. We are proud that we have not had any defective products since 1995.
  2. Thirty-day Return Guarantee: You can return the product you purchased within 30 days in case of an unopened box, wrong order, abandoned product or a problem caused by us. Special order products are not included in this scope.
  3. Best Price Guarantee: As Isitex, we are very confident in our products and prices. If you want to trust us and buy the same product from us, even though we are more expensive; please let us know where you got a better price ( ) we promise to reduce our competitor’s price to one click symbolically. If you would like more detailed information about warranties, please visit our SafeMax Page .

Note: You can rotate your heating mat by cutting it or remove the cable from the conveyor belt and change its location during assembly. Even if there are slight deviations in your size, you can continue to lay.

Note: Heatingx, which has been manufacturing and installing heating cables since 1995; It offers its products as a set that is very easy to lay and hassle-free. You can easily install your system yourself or with the help of an electrician.

  1. Merdiven Isıtma Don Önleme Şiltesi Hakkında Eski Sürüm Notları

    In areas with a cold climate, you can prevent possible accidents caused by cold weather by installing ISITMAX Ground Heating Systems under the stairs included in your residences. With this measure you will take, the air that shows its effect in your surroundings will not come to your home, your loved ones will enter your home safely. The installation of ISITMAX under-stairs underfloor heating cables and mattresses for frost prevention is effortless, their lifespan is equivalent to the life of your structure. Moreover, it does not require maintenance and does not strain your budget. In addition to frost prevention, you can ensure that the snow and ice accumulated on the floor melt with our underfloor heating systems that you will lay at the entrance of your residence. (Residential entrance snow and ice melting solutions. Parking snow and ice melting solutions.)

    Snowfall and icing caused by cold weather in our buildings and workplaces endanger our safety of life and property. Icing-induced injuries are most commonly observed on the stairs. You can automatically avoid icing with the heating application you will make under your stairs.

    In your new construction or renovation projects, you can carry out snow ice prevention application with heater mattresses under concrete or flooring mortar. The system will work just in time with the perfect harmony of ground snow ice detection sensors, thermostat and control panel, melting the snow falling and eliminating the danger of frost. Since the system is always activated only if needed, it works very little and its energy consumption is minimal.

    With German polymer technology, heater cables that do not die under concrete, do not wear, deteriorate and do not need maintenance, and heater mattresses where these cables are prepared for easy installation purposes are guaranteed for 10 years in outdoor environments.

    The shape of the stairs can have straight or rounded lines. In flat areas, heater mattresses provide ease of installation, but heater cables are easier to lay on the floor on stairs with oval lines. With mattresses in large and flat areas, more space in unit time can be covered with heater mattresses. Laying the cables according to the structure of the floor with fastening elements can be a little more distracting, but it is the most effective solution in small round stairs.

    Our heater mattresses for the purpose of preventing ice formation on the stairs are sent fabricated and ready for installation in the size and power range you choose. All the materials you will need in the field come with the product. In order for your system to work effectively, snow ice detection sensors, board type thermostat and control board, as well as installation manual and warranty document come out of the product box.


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