Make Roof and Gutter Heating Systems with ISITMAX

In regions with heavy snowfall and frost, there are many problems such as accumulation of snow on the roofs, clogging of the gutters and the formation of icicles in the gutters. The accumulation of snow on the roof surface and its prolonged stay can cause serious problems. Cleaning roofs is difficult and costly. In addition, clogged gutters due to snow or ice can cause water not to be discharged and damage the inside or outside of the building.

Electric Roof Surface and Corrugated Heating Systems is the name given to the electrically operated heating cables system that is laid on the roof surface and gutters in order to prevent all these problems.

How Are Electric Roof Surface and Corrugated Heating Systems Applied?

These systems are applied in two different ways for roof surfaces and gutters. They are used to prevent snow accumulation on the roof surface, to prevent snow accumulation in the gutters and to prevent the formation of stalactites.

Heating cables are mounted to the roof and gutter by attaching them to the open air with silicone or aluminum tapes. These heating cables work in a controlled manner according to the weather conditions.

Heating cables work flawlessly in all weather conditions. Thanks to the ice detector in the control box, it also prevents unnecessary energy consumption when icing or snow is detected.

Even if the air temperature is low, the system will not be activated if there is no frost thanks to the humidity and temperature sensor.

Electric Roof Surface and Corrugated Heating Systems can be installed on all kinds of roof and gutter materials.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Roof Surface and Corrugated Heating Systems?

    1. In places with heavy snowfall, the removal of snow accumulated on the roof surface is a serious problem. In addition, since the process will be insufficient in case of continuous snowfall, melting the snow with heating cables without accumulation will provide comfort and convenience.
    2. If the snow piled on the roof is not cleaned, there will be a serious load on the roof and there will be a danger of the roof falling down. This will be prevented with electric roof surface heating systems .
    3. When the melted snow water cannot be discharged from the gutters due to the snow accumulating in the gutters, it damages the inside or outside of the building. For this reason, heating systems are protective systems.
    4. Ice and stalactites on the eaves are prevented with electric heating cables .
    5. Since these systems are not constantly operating systems and only work when necessary, they consume less energy. For this reason, it is extremely economical.

To get information about Electric Roof Surface and Gutter Heating Systems and to find out the prices of these systems, you can check our Roof and Gutter Heating Systems .

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