Materials for Underfloor Heating System

Electric underfloor heating system is the most preferred and best-resulting heating system in recent years. Electric underfloor heating is used lovingly in many areas, especially in areas such as residences, offices, Turkish baths, saunas and grass fields. Electric underfloor heating, which is both a very successful heating system and a more suitable heating system compared to other systems, is a new generation heating application. This heating system, which can also be installed during the renovation of the area to be applied, can be installed on the used areas if desired.

Materials for Electric Underfloor Heating Flooring

  1. Heating Cable : This cable, with an average thickness of 5-7 mm, is especially used in systems applied to wet floors.
  2. Panel Type Thermostat : It is mounted inside the panel and works through the sensor.
  3. Festeband : This tape, which is used to fix the cables to the ground, also helps to determine the cable spacing.
  4. Wall Mounted Room Thermostat : It can be used one or more times in the room, it is usually placed on the outer walls of the bathrooms.
  5. Floor Sensor : It is generally used to adjust the floor temperature on wooden floors. In wooden floors, the temperature under the wood should not exceed 30 degrees.
  6. Underfloor Heating Cable : The cable, which has a cold end of 2.5 meters, is laid on the entire floor of the area to be heated. It is generally used for heating areas such as houses, greenhouses, poultry houses.

How is Flooring Applied?

It is more practical and healthier to lay the area where the electric floor heating system will be applied, before the rough construction, final floor screed or during the renovation phase. Cables have a certain resistance and thermal power in laying using cables with resistance properties. The cables vary according to the area where the electric underfloor heating system will be applied. Different cables are used in wet areas, and different cables are used in home and other dry environments. The cables used for heating places such as residences and offices are 16 – 17 – 18 Watt/meter. Laying steps take place in a very practical way. The laid cables are protected with at least 5 layers and offer a very safe use. Since the materials used are steel armored, it does not pose any danger even if it works in the presence of water.

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