Mattress and Mat

Yerden Isıtma Matı

Underfloor heating mattresses produced as 50cm or 100cm standard; It consists of heating cables fixed on the carrier net as fabrication. It is preferred because it provides ease of assembly in wide, flat and angular areas. There are power options between 110Watt / m2 and 250Watt / m2.

Isıtma Kabloları
Kar Buz Eritme Matı

Mats produced in various widths and lengths for outdoor under-concrete heating applications and roof applications offer high power options up to 500Watt/m2. Industrial tapes and heating cables are ensured to remain in certain forms before assembly. In this way, ease of transportation, ease of assembly and comfortable progress of the mortar are ensured while the concrete is poured.

Çatı ve Rampa Isıtma Kontrol Ürünleri
Alüminyum Folyo Mat

Developed for screed floor heating and various industrial applications, aluminum foil heaters are produced in various widths and lengths. The heaters laminated between two aluminum provide 100% soil protection and homogeneous heat distribution. It is preferred due to its longevity in uses such as under screed and parquet.

Endüstriyel Isıtma Kabloları Kontrol Ürünleri
Karbon Isıtma Filmi

The carbon heaters in our stocks are sold in 100-meter balls with a width of 50cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm. It has been developed for heating under floors such as parquet and laminate. With its 1 mm thickness, it can be preferred in projects with elevation problems. Carbon heaters are not applied under screed / concrete. Not suitable for wet installation. In order to have a long life, it must be used with heat insulation and moisture barrier.

Isıtma Kabloları
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