Mist Prevention with Mirror Heating System

Mist Prevention with Mirror Heating System

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Previously, only anti-fog systems, i.e. mirror heating systems, which were only found in hot springs or luxury hotels, have now become easily available in homes. Looking in the misty mirror after a nice shower is something almost everyone wants.

Thanks to the system used to wipe the mist formed on the mirror after a hot bath and not leave a trace behind it when wiping it, you can get even more comfortable and enjoy the bath.

How to Destroy Mist in Bathroom Mirrors?

Anti-fog bath mirrors; mirrors that prevent steam caused by hot water flowing from the shower or tap. You can solve the problem of mist with mirror heating system instead of traditional mirrors in your bathroom.

Steam solvent; it is a thin film placed between the back of the mirror and the wall. Thanks to this film, you do not need to wipe the steam formed after bathing through the mirror. Installation is easy. It produces equal levels of heat as it provides fast heating and energy efficiency .

What are the Benefits of Non-Steamed Bathroom Mirrors?

Evaporation occurs after bathing or due to hot water from the tap, which causes the mirror surface to evaporate. To prevent this situation; the surface of the mirror must be close to the temperature in the air.

Thanks to the un-steamed bathroom mirrors; Since the mirror is not steamed, there is no problem with wiping. Clear vision is provided directly after bathing. At the same time, a heated bathroom is much more efficient, since it will also heat your bathroom.

How does the Mirror Heating System Work?

The mirrors that are steamed after bathing are quite annoying. But it is not insolvent. The system for preventing mist brings with it a comfort that you can benefit from for many years.

3 Different Systems in Mirror Heating Systems

Physical Heating

It is a heating device that will be placed on the back of the mirror. From the moment the water vapor meets the mirror, the water droplets do not reproduce, and the water evaporates more quickly, keeping the mirror dry.

Film Placed Behind Glass

The second way in mirror heating systems is; it is a storyboard placed between the mirror and the wall so that water molecules do not form on the mirror surface. So it works in kind of the same principle as the anti-fog films placed on car windows. In infrared heating, energy savings are achieved. It requires little or no maintenance after the installation phase.

How Film Mirror Solvers Work

One of the anti-mist systems with mirror heating system is a thin film placed between the mirror and the wall. After application, it does not stain when wiping. It is installed directly behind the mirror and is self-adhesive.

Thanks to the hidden cable kit, it starts working automatically when the light is turned on. With the operating cost equivalent to a light bulb, it emits heat evenly, while providing heating and energy efficiency.

Steam solvents happen in three ways;

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle

If the size of the mirror is larger than the film, two storyboards can be used.

How to Install Movie Mirror Solvents?

The installation of film mirror solvents is quite simple. With its self-adhesive surface on the back, it can be glued directly. As soon as the light is turned on in the bathroom, the switch connected to the light circuit and the main circuit works.

Heating mirror steam solvents; highly sensitive to moisture, impact, dust, vibration. Therefore, in film steam solvents used in bathroom mirrors, there is no need to worry about safety.

Infrared Mirror Heating

A heated mirror is one of the great ways to remove steam from the bathroom mirror. But most standard mirrors, due to insufficient ventilation, can recreate moisture. Infrared mirror heating systems can be used to prevent this.

Infrared heating panels with mirror surface are one of the great options for the bathroom. It sits flat on the wall and, after opening, gives it strong heat. From the moment steam is formed, it prevents steaming on the surface of the mirror.

What are the Benefits of Infrared Mirror Heating?

Infrared mirror heating systems are similar to the standard mirror form. Its units are thin and frameless. Thanks to its design, it is not noticed that there is any heater behind the mirror.

With infrared mirror heating;

  • It is quite practical in damp areas.
  • Provides heating efficiency.
  • It consumes less energy.
  • Prevents mold.

Infrared mirror heating is 100% safe. When the temperature drops, the temperature can be felt. All panels are made of mirrored safety glass.

Which Mirror Type Are Mirror Defrostors Suitable?

Mirror steam solvents come ready to be installed in shapes and sizes suitable for most types of mirrors. Pre-installed power cables can be easily connected to 120 VAC lighting fixtures in the bathroom.

Anti-fog bath mirrors draw the least amount of energy, while keeping the glass stable at a temperature of 104 degrees without evaporation. Mirror steam solvents are not suitable for shower cabinets.

Mirror Heating System: Steam Solvents

Mirror steam solvents used for anti-mist with mirror heating system; designed with dimmer switches or low voltage control. Mirror steam solvents need to be selected in size to fit in the open area behind the mirror.

With multiple steam solvents at the same time, it can be used in such a way that it does not overlap. Mirror steam solvents can also be operated by connecting to the lighting circuit. Mirror steam solvents; fixed, mounted on the wall mounted mirror.

An ultra-thin electric heating mat is installed behind the mirror, after shower or bath, which transmits light temperature to the mirror surface to prevent moisture and steam from forming. When gluing the mirror to the wall, glue should be applied to the back of the mirror, not covered with a steam solvent. The mirror mist solvent begins to destroy the mirror mist within 5 minutes of its operation.

When setting up a mirror steam solvent;

  • The electric connection box is aligned with the mirror steam solvent electrode wires and box.
  • The box behind the steam solvent is designed to be placed on the electric box on the wall.
  • It should be noted that the place where the wires come out is within the area of the electrical connection box.

Normally, a bathroom mirror is misty due to steam and humidity. The easiest and most economical way to remove the steam formed on the mirror surface is mirror heating systems. After bathing or showering, you can work with the expert and experienced team in Heating to take advantage of mirror heating systems to see yourself more clearly in the mirror.


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