Outdoor Heating Systems

ramp heating systems

Heating systems have begun to take their place among the systems that are frequently used today. The possibilities provided by the developing technology are also evident in the heating systems.

Why is an Outdoor Heating System Important?

The outdoor heater allows you to stay outside with peace of mind even when the weather is cold. Open air heating systems are the systems developed to prevent you from getting cold when you go out to smoke or take air in cold weather.

What is Open Air Heating System, Where Is It Used?

The open air system is based on the principle of heating non-closed areas, that is, areas that are more difficult to heat, with the radiant heating method. Radiant heating system performs the heating by using light energy. In normal heating systems, the entire volume is heated. In radiant outdoor heating systems, we have the opportunity to obtain the heat on any surface, in the area we want. We can use outdoor heating systems in many places such as factories and workshops, mosques, animal breeding systems, open spaces.

Outdoor Heating System Features

Although open air systems are more efficient than other heating systems, the cost is almost the same as the others. It can be easily installed, works silently and does not disturb you.

You can check our Underfloor Heating Systems in Commercial Buildings to get information about the systems that can be installed on underfloor heating and to find out the prices of these systems.

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