Parquet and Underground Heating Systems

Parquet and Underground Heating Systems

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Ground Electric Heating Systems

Despite the warming problem, which is the nightmare of the winter months; one of the methods that provides convenient heating to suit your budget Ground heating is a thermostat-connected and adjustable installation system with electric use. You can enjoy economical and healthy warming with heating. Thanks to the smart thermostat used, your money will remain in your pocket with fuel economy.

Benefits and Harms of Ground Heating Systems

Many heating systems that you use in your home, workplace and indoor environments create airflow and cause invisible sparklers to spread. This situation is extremely unhealthy for you and your family. Underfloor heating systems are healthy systems because they are anti-dust. Underfloor heating on ceramic floors provides effective heating. In addition, comfort is at the forefront of the ground-warming system. In other heating systems there will be no honeycombs taking up space and you will have more space. Again, honeycomb and radiator maintenance requires maintenance and repair at higher costs. Cleaning and maintenance for underfloor heating system can be done every 2 years. The first heating system laid does not want maintenance for 4-5 years, while frequent cleaning is required in case the system holds dirt. However, maintenance costs are lower. In the context of the damages of ground warm-up systems , it can be that it is activated late and the heating process is long. While heating occurs for a period of 2-4 hours, late heating will continue as a result of the closure. For other heating systems, these times are very short. Even if it is closed, your home or environment will warm up quickly again. In short, in terms of ground-warming system features; the cons are small, the pros are too much.

Heating Systems and M2 prices

It is calculated and informed in terms of underfloor heating prices and system differences. Especially in terms of usage area, the material used is also effective in changing the price. Even different and personal requests can cause differences in the price range. Installation fees range from 500 TL to 1000 TL on average, while standard underfloor heating system square meter prices range from 5 TL to 20 TL. Prices are reflected in euros to the customer. You can choose better materials and quality products at your request. Therefore, it is more convenient to get the prices after the plan and project. If you are considering a heating system for a few floors, the prices for the floor are calculated. With the benefits it provides and the economy savings, you will find that it is a system worth these costs in the future.

You can look at our
Parquet and Underfloor Heating Systems
to get information about the systems that can be laid on underfloor heating and to find out the prices of these systems.


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