Pipe Heating & Heat Trace

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Applications with Pipe Heater Cable Heat Trace – Heat Tracing Solutions

In industrial facilities and industrial establishments, electrical heating is carried out in pipelines with heat trace applications (heat monitoring solutions). Heating in pipelines is evaluated under 3 main headings.

  1. To prevent heat losses in fluid transfer
  2. To prevent the material from hardening by freezing or losing its fluidity
  3. Outside of pipelines; uninterrupted operation of instruments such as valves, pumps, filters, transmitters

Energy with control units that offer flexible heating opportunities to professionals, are long-lasting, easily controllable, cost-effective when compared to conventional heating applications, can meet different power needs, can keep up with harsh industrial conditions, can be produced in accordance with explosive environments and different technical specifications, and have no maintenance costs. heat trace heating cables, which provide efficiency, have started to be standard practice for all industrial facilities and industrial establishments.

2 different heat trace cables are used in Pipelines.

  1. “Self-Limiting Cables” that can prevent overheating with its self-limiting feature
  2. “Series Resistor Cables” with its ability to withstand high temperatures and performance in long lengths

With Isıx Heating Systems;

You can get projecting, manufacturing, application and service steps specific to each heat group and technical specification from a single organization.

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