Pipeline Heater Cable Usage

Pipeline Heater Cable Usage

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“Pipeline” heating system for frost protection

Industrial long line heating is needed to transport liquids over long distances at less cost and safely.

Typical long line applications

    1. Conveying lines between production facilities or to storage or transport facilities.
    2. Anti-freeze or temperature maintenance on tank farms and offshore berths.
    3. Preventing condensation and solidification on filters, redler chains etc.

In the absence of a long line heating system the following problems can lead to significant environmental and financial losses

    1. Decreased fluidity of liquids
    2. condensation of gases
    3. Liquid freezes that can cause piping failures that can cause major hazards

The complexity of a long line pipe heatsink system often results from the need for long electrical circuits fed from a single electrical power supply point. Long line heating applications have challenges as follows.

    1. Large pipe diameters
    2. Height differences along the line
    3. Remotely controlled locations
    4. Power loss along the line

Pre-insulated pipes have the following additional challenges.

    1. Alignment of channels
    2. Lack of insulation at pipe joints
    3. Pulling long cables along channels
    4. Difficulty accessing connection kits

ISITMAX Long Line Heating Management System

In addition to turnkey services, ISITMAX Flexible HEATING systems offers a comprehensive range of industry-recognized long-line heating solutions that include a selection of suitable pipe surface heating technologies, advanced control systems technologies, and application area services.

Surface Heating System

    1. Electric surface heating cables; are surface heating cables that maintain the temperatures of non-flowing liquids, replacing the heat lost through the thermal insulation on pipes, silos and associated equipment.
    2. Control and monitoring solutions: Systems that help maintain the temperature of the liquid along a surface heater pipe.
    3. Components and accessories: These are the parts used when making electrical connections such as termination pieces, fiberglass tape and warning labels and completing the correct assembly.

We can supply system-specific parts, provide engineering design service, and even assemble and maintain the entire system. When our advanced floor heating products are combined with our field service, you get an integrated solution strategically planned and implemented for the optimum heat management system (HMS). We provide a single interface to your project team by performing all aspects of the management and practice of surface heating system design and installation.

You can check our Pipe Heating Systems – Heat Trace applications to get information about the use of pipeline heater cables and to find out the prices.

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