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ISITMAX Air Conditioning Systems San. ve Tic. A.Ş ( ) was founded in 1995, from project design to manufacturing; is an innovative brand that provides services in FLOOR HEATING and SNOW ICE PREVENTION solutions from application and service processes.

In the product portfolio; It meets the demands of the sector with more than 600 manufacturing products such as electric floor heating, hammam heating, ramp heating, roof heating, industrial heating solutions, flexible heaters. We take active roles in the presence of all our stakeholders and our target audience, especially with our READY TO INSTALLATION HEATING products and our ONLINE SALES site with high brand value.

It continues its office activities in Perpa Trade Center in Şişli District of Istanbul.

New Generation Dealership

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    Yerel işletmeler

    For local businesses that dominate the electrical, mechanical, construction, decoration, architecture, etc. heating sector, our Promax Dealer offers the opportunity to do business in an effective sector and earn additional income. As a Promax Dealer, they can provide sales partnership, exploration / assembly / service services with their existing businesses and showrooms, their dominance in the sector and the region.

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    Çalışan uzmanlar

    Technical experts working in public institutions, private sector, industrial organizations or industrial structures have never misled us until today. In addition to being the masters of their jobs, they are the people we are always happy to work with because of their command of their region and their work discipline. As a PROMAX dealer, they can provide discovery service, sales partnership and assembly dealership and service for those who have the necessary materials.

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    Satış/pazarlamaya yatkın girişimciler

    All products on the Heatingx website can be shared thanks to the XML infrastructure. With the XML database we have created for entrepreneurs with their own online marketplace sales network, constantly up-to-date, in stock and competitive products are offered to our XML dealer with high discount rates.

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    Yurtdışı Bayilik

    We are looking for dealers that can provide Project Sales Partnership, Assembly Service, Discovery and Service, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq.

Our Promax Dealers

Operating in Erzurum region, Erzen Engineering Promax continues its activities.

  • Erzurum Veterinary Control Institute Directorate Roof Snow and Ice Melting System and Rainwater liquidation project
  • Erzurum Governor’s Mansion roof fringe tip Snow and Ice Melting System
  • Ashgale Imamhatip High School Student Dormitory eaves tip and in-gutter Snow-Ice Melting system
  • Erzurum Oral and Dental Health Center roof and ramp heating system
  • Marketway PTT Building Roof gut insulation and Snow and Ice Melting System
  • Erzurum Bridged Junction under-asphalt floor heating project
  • Ardahan University Faculty of Engineering, Stair Snow-Ice Prevention Project
  • Ardahan University Lake Vocational School Snow and Ice System
  • Van – Erciş Cultural Center Roof Snow and Ice Melting – Snow Holder application
  • 16 Classroom Secondary School roof gutting Snow-Ice Melting system belonging to Geylani Group Yapı
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Perpa Trade Center, Floor 11, No: 1458, Okmeydani Istanbul

Special underfloor heating systems for owners of houses, residences and villas

Easily controlled, trouble-free, economical in commercial buildings; underfloor heating and snow-ice melting projects Heat

trace applications in accordance with technical specifications for industrial establishments

Boxed heating products for end consumers in all categories with online shopping

Hali hazırda şirketi olup işini geliştirmek isteyen yada extra gelir elde etmek isteyen teknik kişiler için en iyi bayilik fırsatı Promax’tır.

Heatingx; It carries out important applications in floor heating and snow ice prevention solutions, which is a relatively niche area of the heating sector in many neighboring countries, especially in our country. In the years when we started our commercial life, we were operating in an environment that we could dominate, but at the point reached today, managing the increasing demand and providing effective and fast service in a wide geography goes through a successful team work.

You need yeast to make bread. You should separate yeast for the next bread from each dough you make. In this way, you will have the ability to constantly bake bread. We see our Promax dealers as the leaven for our bread and an integral part of our business.

I invite the people or institutions reading these lines to become our dealers and grow together in the heating market.

Volkan Şimşirkaya – Heatingx Marketing and Promotion Specialist

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