Ramp road heating application

Developing technology has enabled the use of many new methods in heating systems. Ramp heating systems are one of these methods that make life easier.

What is Ramp Heating System?

It is a system that provides heat distribution on the surface and prevents frost, thanks to the systems placed on the floor in areas with ramps in winter conditions. This system is activated according to the air temperature. The system, which is activated in case of snowfall, contains the heat control system. The system, which starts to work when snowfall starts, turns itself off when melting occurs on the ramp.

Benefits of Ramp Heating System

  • It does not harm the surfaces it finds application area like salt and other chemicals poured for snow melting.
  • The system is activated automatically. No labor costs are required to activate this process.
  • There is no need for machines for snow plows .
  • The system does not require periodic maintenance.

How is the Ramp Heating System Laid?

Heating cables are laid under the coating on the ramp surface. After laying, heating cables are placed that adjust the temperature and humidity control level that occurs automatically. The laid system must be controlled with sensors and thermostats, and possible risk factors for humidity and temperature must be checked. The system works continuously and in a controlled manner and activates itself as soon as the temperature drops. No outside intervention is required for the system to work. Therefore, its cost is extremely low. The cables in the system do not operate in conditions where there is no risk of icing. Thus, energy savings are provided in use.

The system prevents icing caused by cold. It provides an even heat distribution by delivering the heat to the places in the shaded areas. In this way, energy is saved and an easy and clean appearance is created. Many municipalities use ramp heating systems to improve service quality. This system is effective for the cars to provide a comfortable road version. The slippery surface created by ramp roads is destroyed by warming, thus providing safer road driving to vehicle drivers.

You can check our Underfloor Heating Systems on Ramps and Roads to get information about ramp and road heating applications and to find out the prices of these systems.


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