Recommendations for Ramp Heating and Frost Protection

Recommendations for Ramp Heating and Frost Protection

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With the developing technology, many new methods have started to be used in heating systems. One of these methods that facilitates life is ramp heating systems. Factory entrances, warehouse loading areas, industrial organizations, parking entrances of mall-residence-residential projects or under-asphalt snow ice prevention solutions designed to prevent icing-related damage and injuries due to cold winter conditions in public areas.

What is Ramp Heating System?

It is the system that provides heat dissipation on the surface and prevents frost event thanks to the systems placed at the base in areas with ramps in winter conditions. Heat control is provided in the system, which is activated automatically with snowfall. When the ramp melts, this system shuts itself down.

Benefits of Ramp Heating System

  • It does not harm the applied areas like chemicals poured for salt and other snow melting.
  • The system is activated automatically. No labor costs are required to activate this process.
  • There is no need for machines for snow plowing.
  • The system does not need to be maintained at time intervals.

How to Install Ramp Heating System?

Heater cables are laid under the coating on the surface, which is the ramp. After laying, heater cables are placed. The laid system must be checked with sensors and thermostats. The degree of risk situation for humidity and temperature should be checked. The system operates in a continuous controlled manner. From the moment the heat drops, it activates itself without the need for external intervention, which prevents the extra cost. In addition, the installed cable system does not work in situations where there is no risk of icing. This saves energy in use.

Another feature of the heating system, which has many advantages, is that it is clean. There is no heat condition that can melt snow , leakage or access to cables and become dangerous. It is a healthy and useful method. However, people who prefer this method should be scrutinized for the quality of the product used. Quality material provides the possibility of use for many years. In addition, it is vital to test the product when laying.

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