Residential Roof and Gutter Heating

RoofMax Çatı Isıtma Sistemleri ile İlgili Kısa Bilgi

Roof and gutter heating systems consist of roof heating cables, sensors, thermostats and connection apparatus designed to prevent the formation of icing and snow accumulations in areas such as roofs, eaves, gutters, rain gutters in general. Snow melting systems are effective in siphon drainage systems of all types of residences, historical buildings, public buildings, commercial buildings or similar places, drain pipes, critical roof edges and flat roofs.

While roof heating systems prevent the damage caused by freezing, they also prevent the relevant parts of the buildings from being damaged in terms of materials.

It basically has 3 usage areas.

  1. Groove heating mat (20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm in stock)
  2. Roof Edge / Parapet (50cm and 100cm widths are stocked)
  3. Rain downpipe heating cable (20-30-40Watt / meter heating cables)

The system is constructed with the components of the control panel (product code: 98124), thermostat (product code: 9144), humidity sensor (product code: 9047124) depending on technical conditions. We recommend our PROMAX service for project-based applications other than ready-to-install kits.

  • Power output: 300 W/m2 – 450Watt / m2
  • Quick Installation: Metal Mats with Ready-to-Assemble Connections Provide Ease of Application in the Field.
  • Automatic operation with temperature and humidity sensor
  • Special production for each heat group and technical specification
  • Suitable for all Roof Surfaces.
  • Installation without drilling with metal wire. Longer life and hole-free installation compared to conventional cable systems
  • Wide reference and assembly experience
  • It is UV resistant and long-lasting.
  • CE Certified
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    Konut Tipi Çatı ve Oluk ısıtma

    It is the process of performing heating over the roof in order to prevent snow and ice formation in residences and villas. It is applied on the roof edges with heating mats with a width of 100 cm or 50 cm and a length of the roof edge. If heating is to be done in the gutter, heating mats with a width of 30 cm and extending along the gutter are used. In order for your roof heating system to work properly and to evacuate the melting snow, the roof heating system is completed by heating with a heating cable through the rain down pipes.

    By connecting the temperature and humidity sensors and the integrated control panel to the system, you can use your roof heating system, which works automatically according to the weather, for years without any problems, equivalent to the life of your roof.

    ISITMAX has been applying roof heating systems in public institutions, commercial buildings and industrial establishments since 1995. On this page, we offer you our roof heating products, which can be easily applied as Residence and Villa type or can be installed with the support of an electrician.


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