Road Ramp Heating

Road and ramp heating system is provided via electrical cables. This system, which has shown itself as the most preferred heating system among ramp and road heating systems in recent years, is frequently applied in cold regions. In the system, which is laid for snow, ice melting and frost prevention, electrical cables are applied under the road and ramp ground, providing a very safe application. This system is also applied to garage entrances and exits and very successful results are obtained.

Road Ramp Electric Heating Materials

It is a system that raises the living standards of the area, as well as providing a definitive solution to the risks such as road and ramp heating with electricity, icing and snow accumulation. The materials used for electrical road and ramp heating systems can be listed as follows;

  • resistance cable
  • resistance net
  • Temperature sensor
  • digital control board
  • mounting materials

Enemy of Hidden Ice

Thanks to the electrical heating system , fear of hidden icing will be a thing of the past. Because this system is in a war with formations such as snow accumulation and icing. The system starts working by accessing information such as wetness level and surface temperature. It continues to work regularly until the risks of icing and snow accumulation on the surface disappear. The system, which also measures the air temperature, creates a shield on the ground against all these risks. All problems are regularly inspected by the system by placing an electric heater system on the subfloor of the road or ramp where icing and snow accumulation is desired, and automatic temperature and humidity control is performed.

No Unnecessary Energy Consumption

Although the electric ramp and road heating system is perceived as consuming more energy because it works with electricity, this is not actually the case. In electrical heating, the system applied to the floor works automatically. It starts working only in risky situations by checking the weather. If the risk factor has disappeared, the system is disabled and stops working. The system, which works completely depending on the surface humidity and temperature, does not consume any unnecessary energy. It can be used in all regions with cold weather conditions.

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