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With HMax series and T2MaxPro heating cables on flat roof edges, it is aimed to prevent the formation of eaves. It is designed to prevent snow masses from falling, especially in our eastern regions, by using snow catcher and heating system together.

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SnowMax - Çatı Isıtma Sistemleri

Ready-to-Installation Roof Heating Systems for Snow and Ice Prevention; It is designed for heating roof systems of residential, commercial and industrial establishments. The main areas of use are to provide drainage, to prevent structural problems due to ice formation and to prevent unpredictable snow load problems.

Draining and Avoiding the Ice Barrier
  • Ice barriers formed by the refreezing of the melting snow and the continuation of this cycle damage the roof and its components.
  • The temperature difference between the heated (Hot Roof) and the unheated (Cold Roof) areas of the roof and the speed of freezing the melting snow of the cold roof are the main reasons for the ice barrier.
  • The areas that are called cold roofs and where structural damage is most observed are gutters, rain landings and roof edges.
  • Heating cables are used to provide drainage at certain intervals according to the width of areas such as gutters, creeks, and hidden gutters.
  • Rain downpipes must be heated to evacuate ice melted in the gutter and to continue drainage. A blockage will adversely affect the performance of the system.
  • In areas where snowfall rates are high and climatic conditions are harsh, it is recommended to make heating at the edges of the roof. It is especially used to increase the amount of heated area, to prevent snow accumulation, to prevent the water trying to reach the gutters by melting from the roof surface from turning into an ice barrier.
  • Heatingx; It has many references with its full product range and many years of experience for gutter, rain fall and roof edge heating.
  • You can work with Heatingx for drainage heating applications in residential, commercial buildings or industrial roofs.
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Roof Edge Snow Load Problems
  • In our regions that receive heavy snowfall, basically two types of roofs experience snow accumulation problems.
  • Roofs with high slopes, corrugated or not. Snow accumulated on such roofs can fall down in one go. This situation primarily endanger life safety, on the other hand, as we have repeatedly experienced especially in our eastern regions, the level differences in adjacent buildings create risky situations.
  • The other roof edge snow load problem damages the gutter carrier systems in low-slope, corrugated structures.
  • Heating cables can become inadequate during unusual snowstorms and longer than seasonal precipitation. It would be wrong to expect the heating system to completely melt 100cm of snow. The main objective of the heating application to be made on the roof edge; It will prevent the formation of icicles and ensure that the accumulated snow is broken into small pieces by melting at regular intervals.
  • You can rely on the Heatingx snow retainers to ensure that the heating system is not inadequate in the face of heavy snowfalls. Thanks to the snow trap, you can prevent snow masses from falling down in risky areas. When used with the heating system; The snow trap will keep the snow load on the hot roof side, and the heating system will prevent snow accumulation on the cold roof side.
  • With its UV resistant, overheating protection, metal armor and 20-year product life design, Isıx HMAX heating cables are the right choice for all roof surfaces, heat powers and technical specifications.
  • Heatingx; It offers healthy solutions with its complete product range and automatic control units for roof heating projects of all sizes.
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Roof Surface Snow Load Problems
  • As observed in the winter of 2022 (Gaziantep, Konya, Istanbul, etc.), the snow load has begun to bring serious problems in metal-constructed seam roof structures such as factory and hangar roofs.
  • It is designed to solve the unpredictable snow load problems of low-slope, wide-span commercial buildings.
  • Roof surface consists of mounting special accessories to sandwich panel clamp points and heating cables of certain density depending on the project.
  • Snow load heating application on the roof surface is basically done in two disciplines.
  • Making intense heating by determining risk areas (example: 350Watt per m2 – average 10-12 m cable usage)
  • Heating the entire floor by reducing the cable density (example: 80Watt per m2 – approx. 2.5m cable usage)
  • Both types of application are not to create areas completely cleared of snow load, but to evacuate unpredictable and risky amount of snow load by melting.
  • Heatingx; has the complete product program and experience to offer effective solutions to your recent snow load problems.
  • We would like to share our roof heating references with you.
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Heating in Flat Flat Roof Equipment
  • They are used for heat trace purposes in the piping systems of heating / cooling equipment used on the flat roofs of industrial and commercial establishments.
  • Flat terrace for drainage around and inside membrane / ceramic / concrete roof drains
  • For frost prevention in siphonic (siphonic system) filters
  • In order to prevent weakening signals from the snow layer in telecommunication systems
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Roof Heating Systems Common Features

  • Manual or automatic control feature
  • All roof systems and complete product range in accordance with technical specifications
  • Power Output: 300W/m2 – 350W/m2 – 400W/m2 (Different Power Options Optional)
  • Ice / Humidity Sensor (Optional)
  • Ready-to-install product range
  • UV resistance
  • Document : CE / Gost / Eac
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    It is a ready-to-install product. If you want to get application service, you can contact our dealers in your province from our Promax page or you can choose assembly when ordering. For project-based works, you can connect to our address or live support from the bottom right of our site.

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    Ramp and road heating systems, which allow the roads to warm up and return to normal when the weather is cold and snowfall and icing are frequently observed, are applied with ISITMAX HEATING SYSTEMS. Impeccable applications with the most professional and highest quality approaches can be applied in car parks, driveways, pavements or similar areas. Moreover, the ramp and road heating systems to be installed do not require a constant application power. The power to be applied by the system can also be selected based on factors such as climatic conditions in the region, minimum and maximum temperatures, and the expected snow melting rate. In short, the road heating systems owned by Heatingx Heating are applied by taking into account the environmental conditions.

    Advantages of Ramp and Road Heating Systems

    • It prevents formations such as hidden icing, snow and sand piles.
    • Since the system is fully automated, there are no delays and labor costs.
    • When applied to surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, salt and other chemicals do not affect the applied floor.
    • Since the heating system will melt the snow on the floor where it is applied, you do not need snow plows or equipment such as shovels.
    • The system does not need maintenance.

    Ramp and Road Heating Systems Can Be Used On Asphalt and Concrete Floors

    In the system where the heating mat and cables stand out, success is achieved with cables placed under floors such as stones or sand. Asphalt, pavement or concrete with a thickness of more than 50 mm can be placed on these cables. The heating system that prevents snow and icing can be used on bridges, stair steps and various terraces. The parts needed by the systems that automatically prevent icing and have the ability to measure at this point, and all other heating system apparatus, are offered to the market through Apparatuses such as digital control panel and resistance can also be easily obtained from Heating.

    Underfloor Heating and Frost Prevention Solutions

    Frost prevention solutions on the roads are also provided by Isıx Heating Systems. Automatic heating systems that provide snow and ice melting activate themselves according to the temperature and wetness values they receive on the surface. If there is no need for ambient heating, the system turns itself off and stays on standby until it is needed. In this way, energy savings are achieved. Moreover, frost protection systems do not have harmful effects such as spilling salt on the roads or using chemicals.

    When we look at the ramp and road snow ice melting solutions that have come to the fore in recent years; We observe from our projects that electric ramps and road heating systems are frequently included in the projects, especially in factory ramps, residence car park entrances and shopping mall common areas.

    Raw material entrance sections of factories, warehouses and industrial establishments may pose a danger due to icing in cold winter conditions. Generally, it is preferred to heat the entire floor under concrete or asphalt in terms of heating project, since the wheelbases of heavy tonnage vehicles can differ and they need larger areas to maneuver.

    Residence Parking Entrances are areas where the slope is generally high and the air circulation is high. For this reason, icing is often seen in cold climatic regions. Two different types of underfloor heating come to the fore at the parking lot entrances of residences and mass housing units. The first is to heat the entire area, and the other is to heat the rut. Heating in the area where the wheel, that is, the wheelbase, fulfills its duty in terms of ramp and road heating, and reduces installation costs with less material. The system creates a clean non-slip area by melting ice and snow in the ruts determined during the usage phase.

    In shopping mall common areas, it is often used in areas where pedestrian traffic is heavy and icing is likely, as well as parking lot entrances. Ramp and road heating systems successfully fulfill their duties on pavements, walkways or empty underground passages.

    Vehicle Road, Parking Area, Pedestrian Road

    All these systems, which provide advantages in important aspects such as no labor required and time saving; It can be evaluated in all kinds of vehicle roads, parking areas, pedestrian paths.

    Ramp Heating system applications to get information about the snow melting system on ramps and access roads and to learn about applications you can see the page.

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