Roof Heating Material Prices

Different roof surfaces in houses, workplaces, commercial buildings or industrial establishments may experience heavy snowfall depending on cold climatic conditions or icing due to hot cold differences. Although the snow load poses a risk to the building safety in buildings with wide roofs, there are examples that result in serious loss of life and property due to the snow load, especially in Russia. Ice, on the other hand, is one of the biggest problems that damages the structure of the roofs and deforms the insulation and coating.

Since it is of great importance to prevent the formation of snow and ice on the roofs in most cases, we have been designing heating systems for snow and ice prevention on roofs since 1995 and either producing the necessary materials or supplying them at high standards. At this point, the roof heating system, especially the heating mat on the edges of the roof, the heating mat in the gutters or the heating cable in the narrow grooves, the heater cable in the rain downpipes, the snow ice detection sensor, the thermostat and the control panel necessary to control the system, and the heating products can be placed on the roof for many years. It consists of mounting apparatus required to keep its form intact.

Roof Heating Material Prices per m2

Wired Underfloor Heating Bathroom, Kitchen Stairs 40 € 1 m²
Underfloor Heating with Mattress Rooms and Cornered Areas 45 € 1 m²
Carbon Film Heating Under Parquet Usage 30 € 1 m²
Digital Thermostat Touch Screen, Programmable 70 € 1 pc

As ISITMAX HEATING SYSTEMS, we offer our customers two approaches to roof heating. If you wish, you can buy all the materials as pre-prepared in the given dimensions and values, or you can buy each part that makes up the system separately.

1. Heating with a 50cm or 100cm wide heating mattress on the Roof Edge

Prevent icicles, reduce snow load on roof edge

2. Heating with 20,30,40,50 cm heating mattresses in the gutters

Preventing icing, evacuation of melting snow

3. Use of Heating Cables in Rain Downpipes

Ice prevention and drainage

4. Snow Ice Detection Sensor

Even if the weather is cold depending on the temperature and humidity, it only works on snowfall and icing.

5. Control Board

Designing the control panel and switchgear needed depending on the roof size and total kW requirement

6. Thermostat

Thanks to the rail-type thermostats used in the Control Panel, it automatically decides whether the system should work or shut down according to the values coming from the sensor and the user instructions.

You can buy the items listed above individually, or you can get detailed information from our phone number 0850 888 8110, share your project details at, buy the whole system ready, or just meet your material needs.

Roof heating application is an area where serious engineering knowledge and sectoral experience come to the fore. Especially;

1. Correct design of the system

2. Accurate evaluation of system, space, climate composition

3. Installation by experienced people with the right products

4. Long warranty, extensive service, establishment of correct service policies are of great importance.

Materials we can supply:

  • Roof Edge Heating Mattress Width:100cm
  • Roof Edge Heating Mattress Width:50cm
  • Groove Heating Mattress Width:20cm
  • Groove Heating Mattress Width:30cm
  • Groove Heating Mattress Width:40cm
  • Groove Heating Mattress Width:50cm
  • Rain Downpipe Heating 15Watt/mt
  • Rain Downpipe Heating 20Watt/mt
  • Rain Downpipe Heating 25Watt/mt
  • Rain Downpipe Heating 30Watt/mt
  • Snow Ice Detection Sensor
  • Control Board 1-10kW
  • Control Board 11-20kW
  • Control Board 21-30kW
  • Control Board 31-40kW
  • Control Panel 41-50kW

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