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The sauna culture, whose emergence is based on very old dates, is preferred in many private living spaces, especially in hotels. It would be correct to say that it is a very effective treatment area for the human body, especially in terms of health. Our company, which manufactures saunas, serves our valued customers with the experience of many years in this field.

How is Sauna Production Made?

Saunas designed with natural methods are manufactured entirely using wood. For this reason, it is important not only for a comfortable living space, but also for the elimination of many ailments. It plays a very important role in accelerating blood circulation so that the toxins in the human body can be thrown out. As with the wooden design, a regular warm atmosphere is achieved thanks to underfloor heating systems and different heating systems. The regular temperature setting of the environment allows the person to relax in this environment. People who are regularly in this environment are healthier and more vigorous than other people. The main reason for this is that people’s blood circulation returns to normal in this environment and because of the steamy air entering the pores in their skin, they make the person healthier than other people. According to the information shared by experts, it is said that lactic acid, which causes muscle aches when entering the sauna after doing sports, is expelled due to sweating.

Sauna Manufacturing Companies

When we look at the developing technology and architectural structures, we witness different designs and designs in almost every field. Especially the sauna project is gaining a richer dimension day by day. Many companies in terms of design and manufacturing provide service in our country. However, one of the biggest criteria is that the planned sauna should have the desired features, comply with health norms, and be equipped with heating systems. For the realization of the project that one dreams of, it becomes necessary to choose a professional sauna manufacturing company in this field. With the knowledge and experience of many years, our company ISITMAX offers rich options to those who think about their health and life comfort. From the tourism area, it provides uninterrupted service with sauna productions for collective living areas and personal living areas.

Sauna Preferred Living Spaces

Saunas, which were known only as luxury in the past, have become indispensable for people from all walks of life today. While they are found in certain hotels and accommodation areas, there are now mini saunas even in people’s homes. In general, if we consider the most common areas of use, especially;

In hotels and accommodation centers,

Spa and hammam businesses,

Sports, beauty and health centers,

In common areas of residences,

It is used in many different areas, especially in villas and regular apartments.

What are the Projecting Stages for Sauna Manufacturing?

Considering the needs of its customers, ISITMAX prioritizes 100% customer satisfaction in all its services. For this reason, it carries out the desired project by carrying out extensive studies in order for people to achieve the project they dream of. In line with the demands of our customers, our company immediately starts preliminary studies. First of all, we choose the model by considering the features and designs that our customers dream of. We are implementing the infrastructure by considering all the details so that the planned place can become the Sauna manufacturing and assembly location. Among the necessary infrastructures, the most important start is the creation of heating systems, the analysis of electric current, the handling of other installations and requirements.

Sauna Manufacturing Prices

As in every service area, there are certain price ranges in sauna manufacturing. Sauna manufacturing prices vary according to the demands of our customers and the desired area. Our company considers its price policy as completely customer-oriented and offers services at the most affordable prices. The price policy is completely dependent on the content of the service, as well as the price ranges for the sauna materials to be used. The main criteria for obtaining an exact price are as follows.

m2 size of the area planned to be built,

The amount and properties of the wood material to be used,

Expenses of materials such as electricity, heating systems, plumbing,

The infrastructure required for the preparation of the site for assembly and, most importantly, the suitability of working conditions are the most important factors for price analysis.

Our Most Preferred Regions for Sauna in Our Country

In Europe, especially sauna use is used as a treatment method for people of all ages. In our country, our people are becoming aware of this day by day and they have different sauna designs made in their living spaces, keeping their physical health in the foreground. In many cities of Turkey, sauna and hammam culture is increasing day by day, more than before. When we look at the statistics, our big cities come to the fore. Today, sauna production is in the first order of the most preferred regions in Istanbul. Our company has served many personal users, especially large hotels and accommodation centers in the Istanbul region. Our company, which provides services to those who care about sauna comfort from all walks of life, from luxury living spaces, provides services to all regions of Turkey. In our country, after Istanbul, sauna manufacturing is a city that is in demand at the same level in Izmir. ISITMAX, which realizes a consumer-oriented service and price policy, serves every region with the same devotion, regardless of distance. By contacting us, you can get comprehensive information about our many different services such as sauna and hammam manufacturing, and hammam heating .

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