Self-Regulated Snow Ice Prevention Cable H-MaxPro

Self-Regulated Snow Ice Prevention Cable H-MaxPro

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HMax series cables with heat forces of 10Watt/mt, 20Watt/mt, 30Watt/mt at 10C temperature are designed to regulate their own temperature according to ambient temperature. You can contact our company for the cable type and application details suitable for your project.

  • HMax10 Datasheet
  • HMax20 Datasheet
  • HMax30 Datasheet
  • HMax Series Usage Guide

Heating applications for snow ice melting in residential, commercial buildings or industrial enterprises have a wide range of uses. Self-regulating self-regulating heat trace cables produced by Heatmax with 100% domestic capital stand out with its own temperature determination feature.

Outdoor snow ice prevention heating applications are carried out with 5 kinds of products.

  1. RoofMat : TmaxPro Heating cables are installed on the metal carrier mesh at regular intervals and made ready for application. Heater cables placed in the roof edge or groove in the form of mattresses are controlled by the control unit. It stands out for its economics, high heat power and wide use. Thanks to the metal mattress offered only by Isıtmax, it is guaranteed for many years of trouble-free use.
  2. ProMat : Heating is required to ensure the safety of life/property due to snow and icing in areas such as ramps, roads, sidewalks, building entrances etc. in the external environment. TMaxPro and T2MaxPro consist of laying our heating cables on the carrier mesh at certain intervals as fabrication. The system is controlled by temperature and humidity sensor. The control panel and all components work perfectly in harmony with the Heatmax complete product range.
  3. TMaxPro : Our single-conductor, double-point-fed series resistant heating cables have been developed to make effective heating in the most demanding heating conditions. They are our most preferred heating cables in roof heating applications with UV strength, armor options and ramp and road heating. It is the preferred reason especially in projects to be assembled into wicker equipment.
  4. T2MaxPro : Our dual conductive, single-point feed series resistant heating cables; It is the heating cable that we use in our ready-to-install heating solutions that appeal to the end user with its ease of installation and flexible structure. Since it provides ease of one-stop feeding, our customers can create their own heating plans or choose from ready-to-install heating sets prepared by Heatmax in advance.
  5. H-MaxPro : You are reviewing this product. Self-regulating, produced only by Isıtmax in our country, are cutable heating cables. The temperature is variable thanks to the matrix structure of our cable and semiconductor polymer design. Cold areas get warmer, while hot areas get warmer. With this innovative technology, it offers unique solutions especially in rain landing pipes, pipe heating applications, cold storage sector, roof heating applications. Our H-MaxPro heating cables, which do not need a control panel and temperature regulator, are the right choice for your micro-level snow ice prevention needs. Its use in large areas may not be preferable due to installation costs.

Note: This page is prepared for our customers who sell materials, make project-based purchases or make wholesale purchases. You can look at our or page for installation-ready underfloor heating sets.

Technicial Specifications


Product Name Heatmax H-MaxPro

Product Description Heating Cable for HeatingMax Snow Ice Prevention Purposes

Heating Technology Self Regulating Heat Trace Heating Cable That Can Regulate Its Own Heat

EAN CODE : 8683498830001

NACE CODE : 4321

Cable Length [m] Cut to lengths and fabricated finished

H-MaxPro Power : 10Watt/m at [W/m] +10C, 20Watt/m, 30Watt/m

Mains [V] AC 230 V – 380 V

Cable Type Single-point feed, cut,self-regulating ( H-MaxPro )

Cable Insulation 100% Aluminum foil coating and copper braid

Conductor Insulation XLPE

Outer Case TPU

IP Class IPX7

Certificate CE, EAC, SEMKO

UV Protection YES

Warranty [Yıl] 10

Cold End Yes

Cold End Length [m] Standard 300cm

Number of Cold Tips 1 ( H-MaxPro )

Cold End Diameter[mm²] 1.5 mm²

Bending Diameter[mm][Min] 42mm

Cable Diameter[mm] 6.9mm

Shipment Carton Packing

Field Cuttable No

Deformation Limit [N] 1500 N

Application Temperature [°C][Min] -5 °C

Non-Energized Withstand Temperature [°C][Max] 90 °C

Energized Withstand Temperature [°C][Max] 60 °C


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