Should Ceramic Or Laminate Be Used for Ground Heating?

Should Ceramic Or Laminate Be Used for Ground Heating?

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Should Ceramic Or Laminate Be Used for Ground Heating?

The use of ceramics or laminates in underfloor heating systems is one of the most unstable points. The effective, comfortable, economical and easily controllable heating system we want to make in our homes and workplaces depending on the weather conditions is one of the criteria we evaluate when choosing. Underfloor heating systems are the type of heating that best meets these criteria.

Underfloor heating systems are divided into 2 in themselves;

    1. Watery Ground Heating
    2. Electric Underfloor Heating
    1. Heating with Ground Heating Cable
    2. Heating with Ground Heating Mattress
    3. Heating with Carbon Film Technology

Water underfloor heating; it is an underfloor heating system formed by the return of hot water from the water pipes placed under concrete during the construction phase or in renovation projects. If you have a house that is warmed by natural gas or if you use a system that meets your hot water needs, such as a heat pump, they are effective systems that benefit from using them together depending on the capacity of hot water. We can say that it is somewhat behind in the face of different alternatives in terms of elevations, late heating of water, excess of components / moving parts in the system and the nature of interventions in case of failure.

Electric Ground Heating; it is the heating system consisting of heating cables produced on the principle of converting electrical energy into heat energy and thermostat unit that controls the energy in these cables. Electric underfloor heating cables do not cause denim problems with a thickness of 3-7mm. With the energy given, you start to feel the heat. Thermostats and heat are very preferred because they are easily controlled due to their instantaneous formation. Since it is designed to work until the floor where the cables are laid is designed to work until it changes, it is very long-lasting, does not require maintenance and does not deteriorate, deforms, loses its properties and does not change its performance when properly assembled.

Areas of Use of Electric Ground Heating Systems

Underfloor heating cables are used in many areas in residential, commercial structures and industrial enterprises. To mention its use in homes and workplaces;

  1. Ceramic floors such as bathrooms and kitchens
  2. Laminate floors in rooms

Underfloor heating on wet floors is very comfortable and adds value to our living spaces. A leveling screed or floor mortar is laid on the underfloor heating application made on the floor. On top of this, ceramics are covered. With smart thermostats, you can automatically make the system work according to your usage habits at any time.

You can apply underfloor heating under every floor material used in the rooms. It can be ceramic, granite, kalebodur, stone etc. materials. If the material you will use is laminate parquet , you should know why you prefer your underfloor heating system and consider how powerful it is. This is due to the fact that laminate flooring does not like high temperatures. Parquet floors can be deformed in the long term according to the system you use. To prevent this, it is extremely important to choose the system correctly.

If your goal is to heat your room without the need for another heater with the application of underfloor under laminate, you should apply under-concrete underfloor heating. The heating system of your choice can be preferred from 120 to 150 Watts / M2. If your purpose is to have a warm floor for comfort purposes only, power can be selected under concrete from 80-120 Watts / M2.

It may not always be possible to install under-concrete underfloor heating system in our homes and workplaces. Even if the floors are broken in renovation projects, the jeans problem may not allow underfloor heating.

Ground Heating Carbon Film

Underfloor heating carbon films have a thinness of 1mm and are made to be applied under laminate parquet. It is applied directly under the parquet without the need for crushing, screeding or a different application on the floor. Although carbon heater films imported from abroad are imported of different quality, ISITMAX HEATING SYSTEMS import products with the highest production quality offered on the market.

To get this straight, I don’t know.

Ceramic or Laminate in Ground Heating?

If we want to apply underfloor heating without renovation in our homes and workplaces, the only way is to heat it with carbon heating films under parquet. It is not suitable for using carbon heater films under ceramic or concrete. The carbon heater films we use as ISITMAX are M2/240 and can be used as stand-alone heating.

If we have the possibility to make renovations but you cannot screech due to the jeans problem, you can use our heater cables that adapt to many projects with a thickness of 6 mm under ceramic gold. At this point, it is not recommended to use it as home heating, as high temperatures cannot be reached.

In new projects, you can make underfloor heating with under-concrete heating cables and heating mattresses if there is no denim problem. In this system, you can apply ceramics and all other materials as the final layer. We do not recommend this system on hardwood floors. You can use it as home heating thanks to the use of high-power cables under concrete for underfloor heating. Now that you have found the answer to the question of ceramic or laminate in underfloor heating, you can now choose the one suitable for yourself and your home.

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