Sizing the Underfloor Heating System

Maintenance of Electric Ground Heating Systems

Sizing is important in underfloor heating systems. Calculation of how close the floor will be to the floor is an important point for heat regulation when making the heating installation. If the heating on the floor is above 29 degrees, these adjustments and heating sizing should be done meticulously by expert hands, as people will be uncomfortable. At the same time, keeping the ambient temperature at the same setting requires meticulous work, since there will be differences in the heat parameters on the side of the window, apart from the north and south facades in electric floor heating systems . The distance between the pipes is important for the proper distribution of heat. Electric underfloor heating system is much healthier than other heating systems.

Type of Heat Laying Closest to the Floor

The most preferred system among the different heating methods used to keep the houses warm during the cold winter months is the floor heating systems . The most important feature of the electric underfloor heating system, which is extremely comfortable, is that the heating takes place just below the floor. In the underfloor heating system, which is realized by laying the resistance together with the special mattress, from the closest point to the floor, the heat distribution is realized evenly by dimensioning the floor.

Electric underfloor heating systems are the healthiest compared to other heating systems. The electric underfloor heating system, which minimizes dust formation in the house, especially helps asthma patients to relax. It also creates a suitable environment for the health of the household. Electric underfloor heating systems, which also eliminate wet floor problems, prevent bacteria and microbe formations in carpets and rugs in this context.

It has an important place in the health of the building as well as the interior of the house.

The electric floor heating system, which can be installed on concrete and liquid floors as well as on wooden floors, can be laid under marble and tiles. The electric floor heating system , which is preferred with its fast and safe installation, does not require maintenance once installed. The electric floor heating system, which has no risk as there is no radiator that will leak or a floor system that will leak gas, also prevents problems inside the building due to condensation.

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