SMax Series Fixed Power Pipe Heating Cable

SMax Series Fixed Power Pipe Heating Cable

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The parallel conductor, cut-out fixed power cable has been developed for use in pipe heating applications.

  • PipeMax Series Product Brochure
  • SMax Series Datasheet
  • SMax Series Operating Manual

SMax heating cables under PipeMax series heating solutions designed by Heatmax for commercial structures and industrial plants; developed for pipe heating applications. It has prominent features such as allowing application at low temperatures with silicone insulation layers, reaching high exposure temperatures and not heating between two contact points where the cable is only hit in case of a failure. SMax is a parallel, fixed power heating cable (Constant Wattage). Unlike our HMax series (Self Regulation) cables, where cable heat and current are variable depending on ambient temperature and point temperatures, our Smax series heating cables are the preferred reason for projects where the same heat power is desired at every meter.

Cable Properties

  • Conductive 2×0.75 mm², 2×1.5mm² or 2×2.5mm²
  • Strong construction and flexible
  • Cutable cable
  • Easy connection
  • Integrated cold tip
  • 20 W/mt standard, other powers optional
  • Mains: 230 V standard (115 V and 400 V optional)


  • It is designed for use in industrial heat trace applications for frost prevention purposes in pipes. Double conductive silicone stands out for being ecnomic between cutable heat trace cables
  • 10W/mt power is ideal for use in plastic pipes.
  • Cable structure: Dual Conductor + PVC insulated.

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    SMax Series Fixed Power Pipe Heating Cable
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