Snow Ice Prevention Methods on Roofs and Gutters

Snow Melting Systems on Roofs

Snow melting and gutter heating systems, which can be shown among the methods of preventing snow and ice, prevent snow accumulation on the roofs in winter and prevent icing. The advantages provided by the heater cables placed in the gutters on the roof prevent possible damages and risks. For example, it is prevented that the formed stalactites fall and harm someone, or it is prevented that the accumulated water and melting ice damage the apartment, cause damage to the exterior, and leak and leak.

What Do Snow Ice Prevention Methods Do and How Are They Applied?

With the heating pipes placed on the edges of the roof, snow and ice accumulation on the roof is prevented. In addition, the accumulated water is also exported through pipes. In this way, the pipes are not blocked from the materials accumulated on the roof in winter, and a continuous flow of water is provided. The snow melting system , which consumes less energy and is inexpensive in terms of cost, senses the weather conditions by itself. It takes action with its smart system, does not work when the weather is hot and humidity is high, thus saving energy. Resistance cables, net, control panel, heat sensors, mounting materials are used for the system. You can increase the life of your roof by applying a snow and ice melting system to your roof.

How Does the Anti-Ice Method Work?

The sensors, which detect low temperature and stop operating at high temperature, enable the system to be turned on when needed, and the area is heated by activating the cables. Thus, icing and freezing do not occur, snow does not accumulate on the roof. When the humidity and air temperature increase, the system turns itself off and the heat is cut off.

Usage areas

Snow and ice prevention methods are applied to the roofs in order to ensure a continuous water flow in the gutters or pipes, to prevent frostbite and pipe cracking due to freezing, to protect the building from the negative effects of winter, and to extend the life of the insulation and roof.

Gutter heating and snow melting systems can be installed on roof edges, gutters, drain pipes. They are used in residential and public buildings, historical and commercial buildings. Damages that may occur on the roof in the future are more expensive than these systems. Investing in the future will always pay off for you. By preventing the accumulation of snow on your roof with heating systems, you can extend the life of your building and home.

You can check our Roof and Gutter Heating Systems to get information about snow and ice prevention systems in roofs and gutters and to find out the prices of these systems.

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