Stadium and Outdoor Heating Solutions

Stadium and Outdoor Heating Solutions

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The use of open spaces and stadiums, regardless of the season, has required these areas to have suitable temperatures even in cold weather conditions. Especially today, the increase in the number of spectators of sports competitions has led to solutions for the spectators in the stadiums to be less affected by the cold weather conditions.

The comfort provided by stadium and outdoor heating solutions has increased the interest in activities, sports competitions and venues held in the winter months.

What are Stadium and Outdoor Heating Solutions?

Stadiums and open spaces are difficult to heat because they are open to external environmental conditions. The systems to be built must be resistant to weather conditions such as wind. The most effective system in stadium and outdoor heating solutions is the Infrared and Radiant Heating system.

Infrared and Radiant Heating System

Infrared and Radiant heaters are solutions where heating is provided by mounting them in certain areas of stadiums or open areas. Particular attention should be paid to wind currents and turbulences in such solutions. These systems are effective systems in that they are activated quickly and are effective immediately after they are started. They are the most preferred outdoor heating solutions as they are installed with low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

It is important that the system is properly installed in order to give direct and uniform heat. The heating system, which is environmentally friendly due to its structure, should be selected according to the areas in which it will be applied.

How Do Infrared Heating Systems Work?

Thanks to the halogen bulbs used in the heating device, it provides an effective and instantaneous warmth. It reacts fast, so when the device is started, the bulbs reach the high temperature level within 2-3 seconds. In this respect, it provides more effective and quicker heating than electric heaters.

How Radiant Heating Systems Work?

It is based on the system of heating the area by circulating the gas in the chamber through special quartz-coated pipes by means of a fan. The air circulating in the pipe is reflected by the reflectors and the heat is transmitted to the floor.

Both of these systems are the most effective way of comfortable heating in open spaces and stadiums.

What are the Benefits of Infrared and Radiant Heating Systems?

    1. It activates in a short time and provides fast heating.
    2. It is long-lasting and maintenance-free.
    3. Assembly time is short. It allows the area to be used immediately.
    4. It works silently and does not make any noise.
    5. It does not produce dust and particles, it does not cause drafts. In this respect, it does not cause discomfort for people with problems such as asthma and upper respiratory disease .
    6. It provides cost savings due to low energy consumption.
    7. It is environmentally friendly.
    8. It provides efficient heating.
    9. It saves space as it is mounted to the desired location.

Infrared and radiant heating systems are the best way to provide comfortable, comfortable and effective heating for stadium and outdoor heating solutions.

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