Tank and Barrel Heating

Tank and drum heating systems, the heating processes required for the treatment of various materials such as asphalt, paint, glucose, some heavy oils, gelatin and grease are performed using the flexible drum heating jacket.

Tank-barrel heater systems, as is known, are very important in cases where the above-mentioned materials can be processed and transferred from one place to another, and in cases where the said materials are brought to the appropriate fluidity. Especially when it comes to plastic or metal drums, it is essential to heat the materials inside these drums, such as industrial oil or paint raw materials, to the appropriate temperature. Despite the danger of freezing in geographies with harsh weather conditions, these systems are also used.

The Most Commonly Used Barrel and Tank Heating Systems

Belt type, jacket type or cabin type drum heaters are the most commonly used tank and drum heating options. Of course, product and system types may vary according to the sector, the business area or the operation of the companies. At this point, various solutions are put forward according to the facilities.

The advantages of these systems include flexibility, different usage types that can be preferred according to the environment, and fast results. For this reason, companies benefit from these systems at the point of barrel heaters.

Chemical Drum Heater System

Condensation and moisture can damage materials inside various tanks or silos, or even chemical drums. These factors, which cause deterioration and adhesion, are also a danger for waste gases. In order to avoid such problems, heating is applied to the barrel surfaces. While the chemical drum heating system comes into play here, this system takes it one step further thanks to heat monitoring.

How to Install the System?

With ISITMAX Underfloor Heating Systems , tank and barrel heater resistance cables can be placed and installed easily. The system does not require maintenance, and the current temperatures of the storage tanks can be maintained at the desired values. Preventing freezing and raising the temperature are the goals after the system is installed.

To get information about tank and drum heating projects and their applications, you can check our Tank Barrel Heating applications page.

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