Technical Specifications for Electric Under Marble Bath Heating

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Technical Specifications for Electric Under Marble Bath Heating

Single or double conductor series resistance HEATING cable or HEATING net

Definition, Purpose and Scope of the System

  1. Electric bath heating system; It provides “floor heating”, which is the most ideal heating system for the bath.
  2. System; Apart from heating cables and mounting parts, it consists of sensing components such as sensors and thermostats.
  3. System; It will be designed and implemented to work fully automatically. For this purpose, heating cables, thermostats and sensors to be laid in the bath area are activated according to the change in weather conditions. The system will automatically deactivate after completing its task.
  4. The heating power throughout the bath should be at least 250 W/m2. In baths with navel stones, a heating power of 300 W/m2 is required.

Heating Cable Features

  1. Heating cables to be used in the system are a wet environment resistance cable series with silicone inner insulation and outer insulation covered with engineering polymers, 100% copper earth braided and aluminum armored/wound, produced for this purpose.
  2. The cold end (supply cable) of the heater cables will be installed at the production stage and be at least 5 meters long.
  3. The HEATING cable or the HEATING net must be produced in accordance with 220V phase and/or 380V phase-to-phase voltage.
  4. The cable power should be less than 25 W/m.
  5. The inner coating of the cables must have a continuous temperature resistance of + 200 ° C, the outer coating must have a continuous temperature resistance of +125 ° C, the operating temperature of the heating cable must be 65 degrees.
  6. Cables will be covered by factory warranty for 12 (Twelve years) years. The scope and condition of the warranty will be documented by the manufacturer.

Thermostat and Sensors (Sensor)

  1. The thermostat and sensors are designed to detect the temperature instantly. It will control the system according to the temperature value and the desired room temperature.
  2. Thermostat; It should be capable of controlling only the room temperature, only the floor temperature or both the room and floor temperature.
  3. All information can be obtained from the screen of the thermostat, which will have a digital display.
  4. The thermostat, which can be programmed daily and hourly, will have the feature of automatically switching on and off at certain days and times.
  5. The temperature of the bath and the temperature of the navel stone should be controlled by separate thermostats.

Warranty and Other Considerations

  1. Heating cables must be guaranteed for at least 12 (Twelve years) years. Thermostats and switchgear materials must have at least 2 (two years) years of warranty.
  2. It is preferable that the manufacturer is a domestic company originating from Turkey.
  3. 12 (Twelve years) year maintenance guarantee should be given for the system.
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