The Importance of Underfloor Heating in the Renovation Phase

The Importance of Underfloor Heating in the Renovation Phase

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Electric underfloor heating system is a heating system that has been used in almost every area in recent years. Although the electric floor heating system is frequently used especially in Turkish bath, bathroom, winter garden and grass field areas, it has recently started to be preferred in apartments and other living spaces. In the system provided by cable heaters, it is aimed to prevent snow and ice in open areas and to keep the temperature at a certain level. Electric underfloor heating in the renovation phase is much more practical and less costly.

Advantages of Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating system has many advantages over other heating systems. First of all, we can say that it is the best system in terms of spreading the heating in the best and equal distance everywhere. Extremely easy to use and install is the heating system. Although it uses electricity, it is a very costly heating system. It is quite reliable as no fuel burning process takes place. The probability of damaging the objects in the environment is extremely low.

Installation of Electric Underfloor Heating

In order to install the electric underfloor heating system, some features of the area to be installed must first be determined. After determining the features such as the measurement of the area and the level of the heating demand, action is taken for the installation. This installation work, which is carried out during the renovation phase, is carried out safely by expert officials. The cable heating system works directly with electricity. However, since it works in a very controlled way, it is an economical heating method. Since it does not require machine room and piping, it does not cause any plumbing loss.

Main Usage Areas of Electric Underfloor Heating System

The electric heating system, which provides easy use in many areas, has an extremely advantageous result in terms of both cost, heating and comfort. The main areas of use can be listed as follows;

  • Home, residential, office heating (full heating or warm floor is used)
  • Kitchen heating for warm floor
  • Bathroom heating for warm floor
  • steam bath heating
  • Hammam heating
  • kindergarten heating
  • conservatory heating
  • spa heating
  • Heating around the swimming pool
  • guardhouse heating
  • turf heating
  • Cafe, bar, restaurant heating (semi-open space heating is used)

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