Thermal Insulation in Floors

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Especially in regions with cold climates, there can be great differences between the interior temperature of the buildings and the ground temperature. In such a case, it is necessary to make thermal insulation on the floor .

Fully Insulated Flooring

In a fully insulated floor, the capacity of the thermal insulation can be utilized, since the heat trap is under the floor. If the heat sink is on the floor, it is possible to heat quickly and heat from the floor.

Beam Insulation

In the beam insulation, heat insulation is made only in the side floor beams. This type of insulation will suffice for regions that are not too cold. The thermal insulation is located on the outside of the shell, thus ensuring continuity with the wall insulation.

Heat Insulation in Open Floors

In such a case, it is necessary to insulate the floors from the top or the bottom in the rooms where the lower part is not heated.

How is Thermal Insulation Made on Floors that Do Not Sit on the Floor?

Floors that do not fit on the floor are either insulated or fully thermally insulated. It is extremely useful to have the insulation on the upper surface of the floor in the floor with thermal insulation on top for underfloor heating. Fully insulated flooring also provides the performance experienced in thermally insulated floors on top, and with it, the wall thickness is reduced.

Closed Floor Exit

In the heat-insulated method, thermal bridges are removed as a result of applying thermal insulation to the outer and side sub-surfaces and the beam. In the fully heat-insulated method, as a result of the continuous insulation throughout the entire area and outer surface, the thermal bridges are eliminated as well as the wall thickness and weight can be reduced.

Outdoor Balcony Flooring

Uninsulated exit, split exit or special reinforced exit methods are applied in open-exit balcony floors. Exit without thermal insulation will not be sufficient in terms of application in buildings other than buildings located in hot regions. In order to eliminate the thermal bridge in the split overhang, the overhang slab can be carried by the beams and continuity in thermal insulation can be provided. With the help of special reinforcement, thermal insulation is placed between the floor and overhanging floors in the specially equipped cantilever and can be operated as a console.

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