Things to Know About Electric Ground Systems

Things to Know About Electric Ground Systems

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Electric floor heating systems are one of the most preferred systems among underfloor heating systems. Electric underfloor heating systems ensure that the heat in the environment is not lost. It emits the energy source from the pipes or electrical systems laid on the inside of the concrete floor to the lower part of the ground, allowing the environment to heat up homogeneously. The use of electric underfloor heating systems in our country began in the 1980s. The heat required in the system is met by electricity. Tubular system or electric system is used for floor heating. Although the piped system is more common, we at ISITMAX recommend that you prefer electric underfloor heating systems. In electric underfloor heating systems, heat dissipates homogeneously. Each room is evenly heated.

Since the heat obtained in the heating systems used classically will be stored by the building elements of the building, there can be no heat change at once. In electric underfloor heating systems, the pipes in the ground emit and distribute the energy they receive from the system flooring to the bottom of the floor. In this way, a homogeneous heat dissipation is provided in the room. You can have electric underfloor heating systems, which are both modern and more economical heating systems today, with Heatmax assurance. It is extremely important in terms of safety and cost that underfloor heating systems are carried out by a specialized company and experienced people. Proper installation of the installation will prevent possible problems in the future. With years of experience in this regard , it offers economical and healthy solutions to the heatless.

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