Top Quality Ground Heating Pipe Brands

Top Quality Ground Heating Pipe Brands

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Underfloor heating system; it is the heating of the floor upwards from the ground, using the floor as a radiator, by installing piping on the floor. One of the most important materials to be used in underfloor heating systems is the quality underfloor heating pipe. Underfloor heating pipes vary by type; has a working system with pipes located on the floor.

In order to avoid heat loss and to ensure that the heating pipe to be laid can work efficiently for many years, the highest quality underfloor heating pipe brands are used. Underfloor heating is compatible with renewable technology and prevents cold spots of the house and air circulation between rooms.

Which Pipes Are Used in Ground Heating Systems?

Underfloor heating systems; it can be done in two ways as wet systems covered with concrete or screed and dry systems that can be directly covered according to the flooring material. For long-lasting use, high-quality pipes are used.

In underfloor heating systems;

  • Pex A pipes
  • Pex B pipes
  • Pex C pipes
  • PPR-C pipes
  • PE-RT pipes
  • Polyburetan pipes
  • Pex-Al pipes are used.

Heating, which emphasizes professionalism and quality, prefers Pex A and Pex B and Pex C pipes, which are Euphrates Plastic products, in addition to Pex B pipes, which are Design Group products within its preferred quality underfloor heating pipe brands.

Which Pipes Should Be Preferred in The Ground Heating System?

Oxygen barrier Fıratpex pipes are carried out in a healthy way thanks to our expert and experienced team. Fıratpex pipes, which perform the highest in the transmission of heat and temperature, also provide many advantages thanks to their structural properties.

Thanks to the Firatpex pipes used;

  • The temperature is distributed more uniformly and homogeneously.
  • Thanks to the correct installation of the pipes, the ambient temperature is adjusted.
  • It has an elastic structure suitable for assembly in a single parallel, double parallel, triple parallel and spiral way.

Fıratpex pipes used by Heatmax offer a healthy, comfortable and economical heating opportunity in their use areas.

Where are the ground heating pipes used?

Underfloor heating pipes, since they are oxygen barriers, when heating is not in use, the reproduction of harmful substances is prevented. That’s why it provides ease of use for many years.

For oxygen barrier heating pipes that prevent rusting and calcification besides the formation of harmful substances, Heating using Design Group Pex pipes are pipes used in both hot and cold water lines when using four different types of Pex pipes.

Underfloor heating pipes; it can be used in gyms, schools, laboratories, baths, theaters, business centers, houses and many more.

What should be the screed thickness to be used with ground heating?

The thickness of the screed, where hot and wet pipes will be installed, is associated with how to use the system to be installed. A thick screed extends the time it takes to heat and cool down, while a thin screed allows this time to be shortened.

Thanks to Fıratpex pipe systems, the underfloor heating pipe is laid, while the system has a service life of at least 50 years. Thanks to the homogeneous distribution of heat, the best heating comfort is achieved with a low degree of heating. With the help of firatpex cross-link pipes used, 25% fuel savings are achieved.

Which Pex Pipes Are Used for Ground Heating?

Pex pipes, which are produced by Dizayn Group and offer the ability to use for years, have 4 different types. Pex pipes, which are easily used in hot and cold water lines, bring many different features.

  • Pex A pipes: Peroxide method is used. It is the first method of production.
  • Pex B pipes: Silan method is used. Process stages are carried out within the company. Preferred in hot water lines.
  • Pex C pipes: Known as the immediation method, these pipes are preferred in plumbing lines.
  • Pex D pipes: It is the nitrogen method and is not used, as it does not have much properties.

Heatmax expert and experienced staff installs the system using firat Plastic and Design Group Pex pipes used in underfloor heating systems, quality underfloor heating pipes where you can save 25% and have a long service life.

What Floors Are Ground Heating Pipe Systems Suitable for?

Underfloor heating pipe systems; in terms of aesthetic appearance and being economical, it is preferred more and more day by day. Fırat Plastik ve Dizayn Group products are used in underfloor heating processes.

Underfloor heating pipe systems;

  • Instead of insulation on tiles and stone floors, the heat order and thus the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room.
  • Insulation and efficiency in wooden flooring may decrease. Especially in solid timbers, the underfloor heating system is a little more demanding. It is necessary to carry out climatic work of timber for an average of 1 month.

Fırat Plastik ve Dizayn Group pipe products are the healthiest in terms of high heating performance and 25% heat saving.

How to Control Ground Heating Pipe Systems?

Two main sections are used in underfloor heating systems. The section where digital zone control is provided to determine the area temperature in each room; the second is the section of manifolds and valves.

The area where underfloor heating pipe systems are controlled by the person to be used is the digital zone section. In this area, the person can control the temperature he wants. Manifolds and valves, on the other hand, are carried out in such a way that they are placed in an invisible place, usually in the cabinet or under the stairs.

Is there a Heating Pipe from Different Places?

Thanks to the aesthetics, the realization of more heat savings, underfloor heating pipes began to gain more and more attention by the day. That’s why different underfloor heating pipes are also available on the market.

Between different underfloor heating pipes;

  • Danfoss underfloor heating pipes consist of 5 layers and have an oxygen barrier.
  • Rehau underfloor heating pipes are also 5 layers and oxygen barrier. It offers the ability to be laid in different positions.
  • Pilsa underfloor heating pipes are mechanically durable pipes. It has a flexible structure.

For quality underfloor heating pipe brand; As heating, underfloor heated pipe systems, Euphrates Plastic and Design Group products are used. It can be used in hot cold water lines, oxygen barrier. Thanks to their flexible structure, they can be assembled in accordance with different types of floors, flooring or walls.

From Which Place Should The Company Offering Heating System Be Preferred?

In addition to efficiency, success, quality and design are very important in underfloor heating pipe systems. With a good design, maintenance support is also required to be offered after sales. When underfloor heating system is preferred, Heatmax, which serves with its expert and experienced team, can be preferred and you can find the convenience of using your heating system for many years.

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