Tribune Heating Systems

Tribune Heating Systems

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Grandstand heating systems developed for football fields prevent fans from getting cold. It is one of the systems used for heating open areas and was first produced in Germany. Heating systems are used in different locations for different purposes. Stadiums, grandstands, racecourses, gyms, winter gardens and gazebos are among the open areas that can be heated. During this process, systems that are not affected by external conditions and adverse weather conditions are used.

Benefits of Tribune Heating Systems

If we ask what are the benefits of the tribune heating system, among the benefits of the grandstand heating system , which is low in electricity costs and affordable, is that it obtains heat up to 10 degrees. Using the system in a match costs as much as 3,000 TL for the stadium with an average capacity of 35 thousand. The radiating heat is easily felt by the spectators and the grandstand is warmed up. At the same time, the warm-up time is not much.

Ensuring proper and homogeneous heat dissipation, minimal damage to the environment, low energy use and maintenance costs are among the pros of tribune heating systems. Modern and comfortable stadiums are now the center of attention all over the world. Therefore, such an investment in the stadium will bring comfort and forward-looking gains. Tribune heating systems, which provide comfort for the audience in intense winter conditions, are among the preferred heating systems.

Benefits and Application of The Tribune Heating System

The heating system, which provides an advantage for viewers who want to watch the match comfortably without getting cold, is also very useful and necessary for female and child viewers. Thanks to the heating system, the stands can also be overflowing in winter. These heating systems, which can also be used especially in special events, concerts and organizations, are also preferred with their low costs and energy savings. Thus, it is possible to use the stands in all seasons.

The system, which works with the help of electricity, is also applied to the grass field and prevents the formation of snow and ice. The heating system, which also ensures that the necessary cost for preparing for the season is reduced, prevents the postponement of matches even in bad weather, and the grass grows quickly because the soil is warm. The system is made by laying electric heating cables. It is buried about 20-25 meters below the ground.

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