Under parquet heating systems

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In today’s conditions, innovations have occurred with the development of technology in many subjects. There are also heating systems among the innovations. There are underfloor heating systems, which are a new application by eliminating the old heating systems. Ease of use and cleaning make it highly preferred.

Underfloor Heating Types

  • Pipe water underfloor heating systems
  • Electric wired floor heating systems
  • Carbonic film underfloor heating systems

Benefits of Underfloor Heating System

System Applied in Heating Under Parquet

The underfloor heating system applied under the parquet is the carbon film method. 32. class parquet system should be preferred. The system can be used by laying carbon films under parquet. The heat dissipation feature of carbon provides great convenience.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating System

It is less costly to install than many applied heat systems. There is no maintenance effort compared to other methods. It has a long life in proportion to the use of quality materials. It does not have extra panel radiators as in underfloor heating systems. It provides homogeneous heat distribution. It does not collect the heat in a single area, it provides the distribution of the heat proportionally. In addition, many companies give a non-flammability guarantee for the product used. It provides super thinness. The ease of laying ensures quick service. The way of laying can be changed according to climatic conditions. It is a more economical system than a heating system such as natural gas . Unpleasant situations such as soot that may occur in old heating systems will not be encountered. The problems that may occur in the ground layer such as insects and bacteria are reduced. It provides rapid heating. There is also a certificate for this method of use. Thanks to its anti-allergic structure, it provides the opportunity to be clean. Since the temperature reached cannot be too high, the structure laid on it will not be damaged. Generally, it provides 30-40% energy opportunity. The heat source is carbon. The carbonic film provides the first feature of heating the person in the environment.

People who will prefer an underfloor heating system should definitely choose quality products. The quality product will not damage the heat system for a long time and the parquet. The carbon film heating system, which will provide a healthy and clean environment, is generally preferred by families with children. This method, which is used for narrower areas, is highly preferred due to its ease of use.

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