Underfloor Heating Cable ( Tmax, T2max )

Elektrikli Yerden Isıtma Kablosu İmalatı ve Türleri

Electric underfloor heating; It draws attention with its fast assembly, easy control and lifetime trouble-free usage features. Although the unit price of electricity in our country is relatively high, consumption values are decreasing thanks to the use of electric underfloor heating applications together with smart control systems, and it is more and more demanded in the housing sector with the feeling of comfort it creates.

Electric Underfloor Heating has 3 types.

  1. Mat System : It is the assembly of T2max heating cables on the carrier net at certain intervals and making them ready for application. Heating cables, which are laid on the ground in the form of a mattress and covered with compounds such as alum / kalekim, are controlled by a thermostat.
  2. Wired System: It is a system that consists of mounting T2Max heating cables to the floor with connection apparatus. Determining the spacing and form of the cables in the field according to the heating plan creates an advantage for areas with different isometry. This is the main difference between it and the matte system. After the heating cables are laid on the floor, they are covered with compounds such as screed / kalekim. The system is controlled by a digital thermostat and floor sensor. On this page, cable system promotion and sales are made.
  3. Carbon Film : They are ultra-thin (1mm) heaters produced for effective heating under flooring such as parquet, vinyl or laminated parquet. They are produced as standard in 100cm, 80cm, 50cm widths. Unlike the mat system and the cable system, there is no need to cover the heater with alum or kalekim.

Note: The products on this page are to introduce the heating cables, which are the main components of the underfloor heating system. It is prepared for our customers who sell materials, make project-based purchases or make wholesale purchases. You can check our https://www.isitmax.com/yerden-isitma/ page for ready-to-install underfloor heating sets.

Taking into account the climatic conditions of our country, flooring types, building insulation structures and consumer expectations, 2 different underfloor heating cables are presented to your liking. ISITMAX can custom manufacture any size, power and technical specification.

As standard ;

Single Conductor : TMax

  • It has high mechanical strength.
  • Ideal for building circuits with long runs.
  • There are cold ends at both ends of the cable.
  • They can be produced in various Ohm values

Double Conductor : T2Max

  • It is suitable for use in small areas.
  • It has high mechanical strength standards.
  • It provides ease of feeding from a single point.
  • 17Watt/mt power output

All mattresses are automatically controlled by the HT series digital surface-mounted thermostat and floor sensor.

Technicial Specifications

Yerden Isıtma Kablosu ( Tmax, T2max ) Teknik Özellikleri


Product Name TMax / T2Max

Cable Description Heatingx Tmax / T2max Electric Underfloor Heating Cable

Heating Technology Single / double conductor heating cable with series resistance

Cable Length [m] Cut to lengths and fabricated finished

EAN CODE : 8683498830001

NACE CODE : 4321

Cable Strength[W/m] 17 W/m

Mains [V] AC 230 V – 380 V

Cable Type Single ( Tmax ) and double conductor ( T2Max )

Cable Insulation 100% Aluminum foil coating and copper braid

Conductor Insulation XLPE

Outer Case TPU

IP Class IPX7

Certificate CE, EAC, SEMKO

UV Protection No

Guarantee[Yıl] 20

Cold End Yes

Cold End Length [m] Standard 300cm

Number of Cold Ends 1/2 (single point fed – double point fed)

Cold End Diameter[mm²] 1.5 mm²

Bending Diameter[mm][Min] 42mm

Cable Diameter[mm] 6.9mm

Shipment Carton Packing

Field Cuttable No

Deformation Limit [N] 1500 N

Application Temperature [°C][Min] -5 °C

Non-Energized Withstand Temperature [°C][Max] 90 °C

Energized Withstand Temperature [°C][Max] 60 °C

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    Technical Brochure Catalog

    TMax Technical Brochure

    T2Max Technical Brochure

    HomeMax Installation Guide

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    Ürün Hakkında Daha Fazla

    The underfloor heating cable is especially designed for use in small and protruding areas where underfloor heating mattresses are difficult to use. Very thin and flexible heating cables are fixed to the ground with mounting elements. In this way, they adapt to the shape of the areas to be heated better than heating mattresses.

    You can safely use underfloor heating cables in small areas such as kitchens and bathrooms in your homes, workplaces or commercial buildings. They are used together with leveling screed or application mortar. When you fix your heater cables to the floor according to the instructions in your installation guide, they have a life equivalent to the floor life.

    Underfloor heating cables are produced in certain lengths and powers. Just like underfloor heating mats, you can select the required power and length of heating cable from the technical details section. It is necessary to pay attention to the laying intervals in the installation guide so that the underfloor heating cables do not overlap and provide the Watt power per m2.

    You can install your underfloor heating system yourself or you can get the help of an electrician if you wish. Especially in the installation of the thermostat, it may be necessary to open a channel in the wall and you can get support at this point. Your underfloor heating cables are fully compatible with smart digital underfloor heating thermostats. You can program your heating system and control it according to your heating needs. One of the biggest advantages of electric heating systems is that it operates smoothly compared to other systems, is easily controlled by thermostats, and is therefore both comfortable and economical.

    Your Electric Underfloor Heating cable comes with all the connectors, floor sensor, digital touch screen thermostat and necessary documentation. Our products are under the guarantee of ISITMAX SafeMax for 15 years. We wish you to enjoy your electric underfloor heating system, which adds value to the area it is applied, and to use it for many years without any problems, with our best regards.

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