Underfloor Heating on Ramps and Roads

SnowMax Serisi Isıtma Matı Hakkında Bilgiler

Considering vehicle and pedestrian traffic in harsh winter conditions; It is designed to prevent the formation of snow and ice. Tmax Series heating cables are prepared in certain sizes and forms with industrial tapes for easy assembly. The heating system is managed automatically / manually with industrial control products. Thanks to the temperature and humidity sensors, the system automatically detects the risk of snowfall / icing.

It has a wide variety of usage areas such as walkways, parking lot entrances, factory loading areas, stairs, etc. Concrete parquet, cube stone, granite, marble, asphalt (suitable to work with protection screed. Heating Mats are prepared as 50cm (rutting) or 100cm. Two different power outputs, 300 watts / m2 and 350 watts / m2, are standard. Heatingx manufactures in every size and power.

There are basically 3 variations.

  1. Recently, the so-called rutting on the inclined ramps of villas, commercial buildings and industrial establishments (a heating mat with a distance of 160 cm in the form of 2 rows with a width of 50 cm x a ramp length)
  2. Heating mats with a width of 100 cm for large areas such as building entrances, hospital ramps, shopping mall / hotel waiting areas, factory loading areas, etc.
  3. Heating cable kits for straight or curved stair treads

The system is constructed with the components of the control panel (product code: 98124), thermostat (product code: 9144), humidity sensor (product code: 9047124) depending on technical conditions. We recommend our PROMAX service for project-based applications other than ready-to-install kits.


  • Power Output: 300W/m2 – 350W/m2
  • Easy Installation: Ready-to-assemble mats provide ease of application in the field.
  • Earth protection to ensure electrical safety
  • Suitable for use in wet areas
  • Low energy consumption with optional humidity sensor
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    On ramps and roads; In order to ensure vehicle and pedestrian safety, an application is carried out to prevent snow and ice with heating mats and heating cables under asphalt or concrete. Thanks to the underfloor heating system applied on ramps and roads, the system works by detecting ice formation in advance and continues to operate until the risk of icing disappears. The fully automatic underfloor heating system is ideal heating systems, especially in factory entrance and exit ramps, parking lot entrances and exits, areas with heavy vehicle traffic and transitions such as bridges and viaducts that quickly freeze in cold weather.

    ISITMAX FLOOR HEATING SYSTEMS, which has signed many ramp and road heating projects in 7 countries since 1995; With a 10-year guarantee, it will offer the most suitable heating solution for your project in every heat group and size needed, adhering to the technical specifications.


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