Underfloor Heating Systems Calculation

Want to save money by limiting your spending? Is heating your most expensive expense? If your answer to these questions is yes, Heatingx will assist you in projecting, manufacturing, application and maintenance to solve this problem.

High bills at the end of the month are extremely frustrating, even though you sit at home shivering during the winter months. To get rid of this problem, you can save fuel by using underfloor heating systems. Since honeycomb is not used in underfloor heating systems, your rooms will expand and you will have the opportunity to heat safely in an extremely spacious environment. Underfloor heating systems, which are the perfect solution to all heating problems, have been used more widely in recent years compared to classical systems.

How to Calculate Underfloor Heating?

The purpose of underfloor heating systems is to reduce the temperature difference by expanding the surface area and to consume less energy. This heating system is preferred not only in houses, but also in places such as mosques, Turkish baths, roofs, swimming pools and gyms.

First of all, the heat losses of the place where the flooring will be made are calculated and the materials to be used are selected to obtain the temperature that can meet these losses. One of the important factors for the calculation is the material of the floor. The thermal resistance is calculated by looking at the material and thickness used in the part between the pipe to be laid and the floor.

The average water temperature is calculated according to the way the pipes are placed. In heating systems without this placement, the difference in water inlet and outlet temperatures is chosen between 5-10 degrees. If the temperature difference is not selected at these values, the water flow will have to be increased. As the flow rate increases, the water velocity and pressure losses increase.

By calculating the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe, pipe selection is made according to the needs of the environment where laying will be made. In addition, the distances between the pipes should be calculated.

Why Underfloor Heating?

Many factors come to the fore in choosing an underfloor heating system. Thanks to the absence of honeycombs, a crowded appearance does not occur and a more organized area is obtained. In addition, you save on fuel and avoid paying high bills. If you want to benefit from this comfortable heating system, you can have a floor heating system with the Heatingx privilege.

To get information about underfloor heating systems and to find out the prices of these systems, you can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems .

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