Underfloor Heating Thermostat and Panels

Electric underfloor heating systems are heating systems that need to be controlled by an external control unit. Heating cables working under the flooring, heating mats made of heating cables or carbon heating films that we use under the parquet are controlled by the temperature regulator.

The temperature regulator (thermostat) can be used as surface-mounted or flush-mounted. Flush mounted thermostats are mounted inside the control panel and generally have industrial properties. They can be integrated into the existing panel in the electrical room in heating large areas or in smart home projects. Generally, a surface-mounted thermostat is used in homes and workplaces.

Surface mounted thermostats are divided into two as manual or digital. Manual thermostats are slowly disappearing from the market, as they do not offer precise temperature adjustment and are in little demand due to their simple appearance. As Isıx, we do not keep manual thermostats in our stock. The times when manual thermostats offered price advantages are also long gone. There is not much difference in price between digital and manual.

Digital thermostats are basically divided into two as with and without wifi control feature. Based on our experience; It should be noted that remotely controlling your heater with wifi control is nice in theory but not used much in practice. If we talk about our own products, average. 20 Euro wifi control difference is up to our customers’ preference. We believe that remote control with wifi can be preferred especially in living areas such as an independent winter garden or a vineyard house.

Surface mounted digital thermostats are easy to control with the smart control and automation options they contain, as well as offering a wide range of control options for our customers who want to explore the features of the product. There is a lot of information on this subject in the product manuals.

3 products are exhibited in our underfloor heating control products category. Detailed information is given on the product pages about which product you choose. We would like to mention briefly here.

Digital thermostat: It can control heaters up to 16A electric load alone. Suppose we use 15m2 from a 200Watt/m2 heater. Our total heat power is 3000Watt. We can use 230V mains electricity for home and office use. Industrial electricity is 380V.

3000/230 with the formula amps = watts/volts

We have a total energy load of 13A (Ampere).

The load that our surface-mounted digital thermostat can handle is 16A (Ampere).

Note: If possible, we should ensure that the load that the thermostat can handle works with loads below 20-30% so that our product will have a long life. That’s why Max. 13A load is quite ideal for our 16A thermostat.

What control products should we use for 16A (actually above 12-13A)?

As the first option, you can increase the number of thermostats. By drawing energy to each thermostat separately, you can divide your total heating area into two or more thermostats. It is an ideal solution to control your meeting table, dining area or fireplace front, etc. separately.

The other option is; is to take the electrical load from the thermostat and give it to the control panel. In this way, there is no energy load on the thermostat. The electricity is managed by the contactor in the control panel, while the thermostat allows you to control the system by managing the contactor.

The last option is; These are industrial thermostats that should be used with the control panel. You can use this product in large areas, smart home systems or temperature regulators that need to be placed on the existing panel in the electrical room.

We would like to remind you that all our digital control products and switchgear (fuse, contactor, etc.) materials are guaranteed for 2 years. As a 100% domestic heater manufacturer, Heatingx has included the most trouble-free and high-standard products in its product range since 1995, regardless of commercial concerns. We would like to emphasize that our customers can safely buy our products and the equipment we sell to control our products.


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