Underwater Electric Ground Heating Comfort

Underwater Electric Ground Heating Comfort

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In countries with four seasons, warming has always been a priority problem. It is extremely important to make the heating comfortable and to find suitable heating systems. Home heating systems are being developed to find heating methods that provide comfort and comfort in homes.

Sub-Concrete Electric Ground Heating Methods Applied in Homes

Heating methods include natural gas, ground heating, wood or coal. Although wood and charcoal stove and honeycomb heating are ancient, such heating systems are still used in old-fashioned buildings. As a novelty, natural gas and heating method emerged. Natural gas is very comfortable in terms of home heating system , but in this method there are risks such as pipe obstruction and the combi boiler being in a place where it can get air. Electric ground heating system has been developed for less risk and more comfort. This system has been used in Europe for 50 years. It has taken many years for underfloor heating systems to come to Turkey. These systems started to become widespread in our country as people living in Europe settled in Turkey, buy houses here and started installing underfloor heating systems in their homes.

Electric Heating Method

Among the heating methods in homes, the most comfortable and safe method was electric heating systems. Underfloor heating systems, which emit heat horizontally and vertically in the house, provide homogeneous insulation. When short-circuited in buildings, a high level of safety is provided because the electric heating system will be disabled by having a restraint system. The fact that it can be applied to any floor increases the usability of the method. The system, which can be applied to all kinds of floors such as tiles, wood and concrete, can also be easily used in the bathroom and kitchen. Only the system of application of each floor differs in terms of the centimetre of laying of cables. In addition, the use of an insulation system when installing the heating system will ensure that the temperature in the environment is felt protected.

Electric underfloor heating system has many advantages. It primarily provides width in terms of the use of the room. Since there is no stove or honeycomb in the house, it offers comfortable living spaces. It does not cause the formation of soot in the house. Since homogeneous heat dissipation is involved, it does not create the perception of hot cold. The control system is created by determining the minimum and maximum temperature level with the thermometer. It provides a comfortable use in which it will not require maintenance.

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