Use of Heating Cable for Concrete Drying and Hardening Purposes

Use of Heating Cable for Concrete Drying and Hardening Purposes

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Concrete Drying

Reducing the concrete drying time will reduce the entire construction time. In practice, heating cables are buried directly in the concrete. Cables prevent freezing and accelerate the hardening of concrete.

Even in freezing cold, it becomes possible to remove molds. In the later stages of construction, heating cables can be re-energized to effectively dry the building frame. Moreover, in this way, the construction site buildings are warmed up.

Another advantage of rapid concrete drying is that the paint process begins early compared to different heating methods. The type of cable used in the application is mostly Heatmax Concrete XLPE. In many countries, 400V voltage is applied to heating cables with a capacity of 10 W/m (230V) and 30 W/m power is produced.

85-135 W/m2 power is used for concrete drying and hardening purposes. Heating cables fixed to wicker steel with cable ties should not come upon each other and do not come into contact with plastic or flammable substances. Cables can be reused during construction, cold ends other than concrete are cut and discarded when they are finished.

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