What are Barrel Heating Systems, What are the Advantages?

What are Barrel Heating Systems, What are the Advantages?

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Flexible barrel heating system for the heating application required for the processing of many fluid materials, especially asphalt is named. Glucose, asphalt, gelatin, grease and some heavy oils must be melted down when they have to be transferred from the drum they are in. This melting process is carried out through tanks with special temperatures. This formula, which is also applied for oil and paint raw materials, is an effective method especially in freezing winter months. In the drum heating system, which is carried out by means of custom-made tanks, whether the drums are plastic or metal is also taken into consideration.

It is used for products that become fluid at a certain temperature

Drums are generally preferred to preserve and transport asphalt, glucose, heavy oils, gelatin, grease and paint raw materials from one place to another. Since these substances mostly become fluid at the appropriate temperature, they go through a number of processes to make them fluid at the time of use. The barrel heating system method, which is especially needed in the winter months when it is freezing cold, is used by keeping the barrels in tanks with special heat settings until they reach the appropriate temperature.

In addition to the type and weight of the raw material, the shape and type of the barrel in which it is stored also plays an important role in the temperature. Raw materials and barrels with different heat intake rates are kept in tanks with different degrees for as long as necessary, brought to the desired consistency and ready for use. The heating process of chemical drums is carried out with special care. Because overheated chemical barrels may cause dangerous gases, it is sensitive not to go beyond the instructions.

Effective in Reaching the Right Fluidity

Barrel heating system , which consists of specially prepared storage tanks with temperature and time schedule, laid with resistance cables, is a very simple application if you know the temperature degrees. This system, which achieves 100% success compared to conventional heating systems, is very useful and allows you to save time. In addition, the substance in the barrel is made fluid at appropriate degrees. In practice, the difference whether the barrels are plastic or metal is taken into account.

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