What are Pavement Heating Systems, What are their Advantages?

What are Pavement Heating Systems, What are their Advantages?

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It is possible to control snow and ice in ramp and other building components!

Various negative effects due to snow and ice in regions where seasonal conditions are harsh negatively affect social life. Snow and ice control is especially important in such places. If no precautions are taken, the weather events mentioned may cause various material and moral damages. With pavement electric heating systems, seasonally induced emblems such as snow, ice and frost events can be prevented.

Advantages of Pavement Heating Systems

  • The installation cost is quite low compared to other heating systems on the market.
  • It is quite easy to assemble.
  • It is a great advantage to operate only by connecting to the power line without piping. It can be started immediately within a minute or two of installation.
  • The cost of maintenance is almost nonexistent.
  • Provides 100% efficiency. All electricity used in the system is completely converted to heat.
  • It has a very long life since there are no moving parts in the system.
  • Installation, operation and operating expenses are at the lowest possible level.
  • Its strength life is 50% higher than other fueled systems.
  • It eliminates the bad effects caused by seasonal conditions and ensures that sidewalks and pedestrian roads are always available.

Eco-Friendly Heating System

Electric underfloor heating systems provide the user with a healthy and comfortable environment. It can be easily used in building layers such as parking, garage, ramp, pedestrian-vehicle road, bridge, viaduct, stair steps and sidewalk . The system runs automatically from installation. In this way, dangers such as hidden icing formation that can be overlooked are prevented. A safe living environment is provided for people, vehicles and buildings. System control is used only in cases of snowfall and icing thanks to existing equipment. In the places where the system is installed, snow accumulation is prevented and operations such as salting and shoveling snow are not required.

Considering factors such as the average snow density of the environment to be applied, the speed of the wind that exists in the environment, the average temperature value of the environment, and the cross-section of the floor to be applied, the optimum working level that will be most suitable for environmental conditions is determined to prevent the formation of snow and ice. We can add to these the expected snow melting speed in the place where it is installed.

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